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Please, need urgent answer..

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  • Please, need urgent answer..

    Please I need your answer,

    I can't access to my admin area (control panel) cause i've changed the path of the cookies, and I can't login more.. please, I don't have much time to go to support forums and search my costum*num
    So please, can you tell me what can I do????

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    What is the hurry? it can't be that important if you don't have much time?
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      Because the users are waiting for the re-activation of the forums.


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        I think its a case of clearing your cookies in IE first. As you have changed the path, it has kept the old settings.


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          I always found it easiest and the fastest to put in a support ticket as that will be looked at resolved or they will tell you what you need to do to fix it. I had an issue and I got a response in less than 5 minutes and you are in a hurry and been waiting 20+ minutes. Give that a thought if you're really in a hurry. They are really helpful on these little blonde moment issues.


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            You won't get support in pre-sales forums. Post in the support forums or use a support ticket.


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              Hi there,

              if you run an unlicensed version of vbulletin: that's illegal. Please stop using it or buy a legal license.

              If you are running a licensed version of vbulletin: that is legal, but you are currently showing up unlicensed. Please go into the members' area and set yourself up for priority support.

     Enter your email address in the input field and you are all setup!