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server specs/mods/speed?

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  • server specs/mods/speed?

    Hi, i have several questions, hope you can guide me:

    if i migrate from phpBB 2.0.22

    -do the users keep their passwords? or do they have to reset and change them?

    -using the same server, the speed of the board improves a lot?
    my dedicated server specs are:
    Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
    cache size: 512 KB
    RAM: 1.5 GB

    Total Posts: 1582620
    Total Threads: 57088
    Registered users: 54690
    i usually have around 200 users surfing, 300 is the peak, the compressed database is 300Mb, uncompressed is 750 MB.

    -can you tell me a default skin to have the avatar and info on the left side of the post (like the default phpbb, not like vbulletin that has the avatar above each post)? (if yes, will i be able to download it for free from the official downloads?

    -Is there a mod to have announcements at the top of the whole board? not like threads in each forum? which mod is it?

    -is there something like "easy mod"? to install mods easily?

    -can i set the permissions of the moderators just to move threads and not delete them? (i already had a problem with moderators deleting their whole boards)

    what scares me the most from migrating is that my server can't handle all my users, this is just for a fan site, don't really make money of it, but if with the migration i get rid of all the slowdowns of the board, that will worth to buy th vb license

    thank you very much and have a nice day
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    1. Yes, passwords are retained.

    2. Sorry I really don't know enough about phpBB to even hazard a guess.

    3. This is a setting in the vB Admin CP.

    4. I don't know but if there is it would be over at the vB mod site:

    5. vB uses a 'plugin' system. Here is the online documentation:

    6. No, you cannot separate those two permissions.
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      vBulletin has most of the "mods" available for phpBB built in. Most vBulletin users run it "stock" without any mods since so much is already built in like categories, attachments, auto-resized attachments, attachment management, avatar gallery, hosted signature pictures, as well as post/thread/attachment/user moderation which allows you to pick and choose which posts and threads get through.

      If there is a mod you want to add to vBulletin, in almost all cases, it can be done simply by uploading a few XML files which ARE preserved between software upgrades. Editing the vBulletin PHP files is rarely necessary. Also, security updates for vBulletin can often by applied in less than 30 seconds by uploading an XML file. 1000 times easier than trying to maintain a substantially modified phpBB forum.

      phpBB template system requires you to edit PHP files for even trivial changes, and if you have 4 styles, then every change you make you have to apply it 4 times. vBulletin template system is database-based so if you make a second style, it inherits everything from the parent style until you start changing it. You can have 10 styles all based on a parent style and if you make a change to the parent, it filters down to all the children styles (except where the child style is customized)

      I think you can set it so moderators can soft delete (hide) but not physically delete threads/posts.
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