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Trying to get a better understanding.

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  • Trying to get a better understanding.

    Trying to line everything Up but I have a couple of questions related to hosting And how the storege stuff works.

    1) For Webhosting what does 750 GB of Transfer mean? Whats transfer?

    2) What does XX GB of Storage Mean ? What is Storage?

    3) What does XX GB of Bandwidth Mean?

    Obviously a post and a thread would be stored on the site is that on the storage or bandwidth Etc....????

    4) If I allow members to link Photos to places like Photbucket and videos to places like youtube does that take up a lot of space on my sight??? And If so which kind Bandwidth or Storage????

    5) Why do the average sights slow down or crash, to small storage space or not enough bandwidth?

    Thanks for your help. I've been a member on a couple Of VB forums but don't know squat on how they work or setting one up.

    Thanks dmeister

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    1) 1.4 Mb is the size of a floppy disk. 1024 MB is one Gb. That means that visitors can upload/download 750 Gb from your site per month. This is quite a lot to start a community, most of them will use only a few Gb per month. But indeed if you do a lot of videos or have a large gallery, you would eventually use that bandwidth.

    2) Storage is the amount of the data you can store on the server/web package. It's like on the hard drive of your pc. So you will store basically for vbulletin: the forum files, the avatars, the attachments and the content of your forum (that will be stored in a database).

    3) cf. 1)

    Yes, the size of your Mysql database (where the threads will be stored) is using disk space. Be aware, some hosts are limiting these to 100 Mb.

    4) No putting links and doing embed insert is not taking any disk space or either bandwidth. It's like a external link, so it will be stored on your side as a simple text.

    5) Due to the server ressources (CPU/Ram). On a shared environement you will be able to server like 50 users online at the same time. When your community will have more visitors you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to a dedicated server.

    Welcome to the vb forum, you will see that vb3 is quite easy to install, to configure and to mod (e.g. via

    If some answers are missing, just ask again

    Enjoy Vb,
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      Thanks for the reply, You've been a great help!


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        If you turn off Attachments, then your users will be forced to use Photobucket, and Youtube to post pictures and videos, which costs you no bandwidth.

        750GB/month is a huge amount of bandwidth and even if you allowed attachments, I doubt you'd reach that.

        I think the most important part of shopping for a web host is finding one that doesn't suck. You can separate the wheat from the chaff by searching at


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