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Administration overhead? Any information available?

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  • Administration overhead? Any information available?

    Hi all.

    I have been tasked by my management (after advocating for an internal forum as a solution for improving our interoperability) to prove out the concept and get some quanitifiable information on running one.

    My question for anyone who wouldn't mind sharing is; how much effort do you find yourself putting into administering your forum(s)?

    My target system would be about 200-300 users, all internal to the company, and a moderate level of activity. I will not need to worry about security or banning spammers, and the need for 'moderation' would, I hope, be fairly low.

    Can this be handled by a couple, or a few, people helping out as a small additional part of their work? I would think so, given the size I'm anticipating, but I'd like to be able to take some real data back to the bosses.

    Thank you to anyone who can respond with data for me. I appreciate your help.



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    Since it sounds like you can use the default skin, all I see is the need to upgrade as necessary and adjust the forum sections as time goes on. Once set there really isn't much to do.
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      Once everything is up and rolling, it really shouldnt take more than 20-30 minutes per week on a forum that size.