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  • Coding for my new site

    Hey vbulletin,

    I am going to be starting my new website soon, and i probally will use vbulletin if i can. I have used phpbb in the past, but now i need something more professional.

    My question is:
    I am going to be coding my website, so i need to create custom pages for the site/make it able for the user to login/logout via the pages. Is vbulletin easy to modify like that? Could you give me an example of what i would have to do? I have pretty advanced php knowledge and i have coded sites around phpbb

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    That would be fairly easy to do.

    Our licensed members have access to, where you can find many articles on customising your vBulletin, you will find some examples on what you are trying to achieve there.
    Want to take your board beyond the standard vBulletin features?
    Visit the official Member to Member support site for vBulletin Modifications:


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      Ok, what about templating aswell? Is there a header and footer file that you edit? If i have a coded template, is it very hard to code it around vbulletin


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        Header, Footer & other templates are easy to edit through Admin CP.


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          Instead of a few flat PHP or HTML files that you edit with an external editor, vBulletin has an advanced template system that you edit from within the control panel.

          Unlike phpBB where each new style you create cannot inherit settings from other styles, vbulletin lets you make child styles.