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    I have a question about a limited database size. My new hosting provider gives you 25 databases at 100mb each.. Is this going to be enough space for a forum to live on? Seems like you would have to limit a lot of stuff being stored on the db.

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    That would depend a great deal on the number of posts, their size and the amount of attachments.

    100Mb could be limiting in the long run.
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      Well thats what I'm wondering.. Once I get everything set up, there is going to be a ezboard import done hopefully and that's going to jump it up right off the bat. In the past I never really looked at the db sizes but now I'm just not sure about the numbers.

      Thing is I'm trying to get my guild to switch from ezboard and go with vBulletin but don;t want to be lie woops after I run out of db space..


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        Having 25 databases is completely worthless as most sites (including any site running vB) will only need one and your host knows it.

        As to the 100MB, it'll actually last you quite a while if you keep attachments, profile pics, avatars, etc. in the file system and not in the DB.

        For reference, one of my smaller sites has 2300 users, 6200 threads, and 95200 posts. The total DB size is currently 56.6MB plus 30.3MB for indices. If your host counts the index size when calculating DB usage (which they probably do), then this is about the limit of what you could get on that account.
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          I'm assuming this is 1&1 hosting? Only a few hosts seem to measure MySQL space separately from webspace and I am not really sure why.

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