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  • Is it possible?

    It seems that the reputation system is one of the most valued features of vBulletin. But I found that it's seldom used by the vB's customers and their users. Is it possible to force users to give reputations to others? For example, if some user has posted 100 posts, then he/she should give reputation to others at least 50 times before he/she can post the 101st post.

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    Sounds like a modification.

    Head over to and ask there if there is such a modification.


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      If not now, I think that it's a good idea adding it to the next version. It should be the basic feature, not modification.


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        Why should we force others to rate others?


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          Originally posted by Zachery View Post
          Why should we force others to rate others?
          Some community Administrators should think it's necessary to force members to rate others.
          If there are only a few members to add reputations each other, then the whole reputation system will err from the designed purpose. So if enable the reputation system, then should force all the members to take part in.


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            After reading your edited post I do not think this would be a very good idea to have this as a standard feature of vB, the majority of vB owners want to encourage members to post on their forums. In my experience members do not like to be forced into having to do things just to be able to post.

            Forcing members to use the reputation feature would make it meaningless and people would give reputation at random so that they are able to make more posts, the reputation feature as it is now works very well at the sites that I have seen using it and having a good reputation actually means something as you know that people didn't give you rep just so that they could make a post.

            The reputation settings in the admin CP prevent it from being abused, if you really want people to use this feature, provide some insentive to do so, make a big fuss about it, open a private forum for people with a reputation > xxx, highlight people with poor rep etc.


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              Sorry but I'm going to agree with Zachery here. This idea is ridiculous and I can't believe a modification even exists for it. What is the point of it?


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                i dont think that is possible, plus everyone would have good rep then


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                  Originally posted by Scutter View Post
                  open a private forum for people with a reputation > xxx, highlight people with poor rep.
                  This is a good idea.
                  Thanks to all above.


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