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Question about my friend's situation.

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  • Question about my friend's situation.

    My friend is not sure how this works so he asked me to ask on his behalf.

    My friend (friend A) and his friend (friend B) started a site together with the focus being the vB board. Well friend A owns the domain and made all the images and the styling. Friend B owns the vB and nothing more.

    Well friend A is getting fed up with friend B's running of the forum and is considering doing a clean install with his own license. Friend B will most likely not like this move and try to get him in trouble either with vB or the law somehow.

    My question is: Friend A owns everything but the actual license, if he gets rid of friend B's forum and does a clean install with his own license will he be breaking any rules/laws?

    Thanks - Kevin

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    The owner of the license is free to do with the license as he pleases. If friend A has his own license (not the license your friend users), then he can install his own license on any domain he wants. If friend B breaks the license agreement HE will be responsible as he is the one who is the owner of the license. He is not responsible for the license of friend A.

    Friend A can run his own license on the forum, and friend B can run it somewhere else. If friend B breaks the license agreement and we check if this applies to the site we will see Friend A with a valid license for this URL, and this therefor shouldn't be a problem to friend A.


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      Just to clarify, can Friend A keep the database from Friend B's or not? It would probably be against Friend B's wishes.


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        That is a different question.

        The database is not something from Jelsoft, it is the data of the web site. If you own the web site I can see (but I am not a laywer) that this is yours. However, the database structure is from vBulletin, which is from his license. So it could also be his by law. Again, I am no laywer.

        I have seen enough web sites where people split from eachother, and the person who stays with the web site gets the database to continue the site. This would be a nice compromise, he walks with the license, you with the database and get a new license.


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          Well I doubt friend B would be willing to compromise. It would be more like kicking him to the curb, not a graceful 'split'.

          I thought I saw on here awhile ago that if someone takes the database without the owner of the license's consent that Jelsoft would do something about it. Did I read wrongly?


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            I am not aware of those details. I am also not aware how fargoing to our license agreement that goes. Try starting a new sales ticket and perhaps someone on our sales team with more experience can clarify.



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              Heres the way I see it.

              The person who owns the license for the vB can do with the software as they please.
              The person who pays the hosting, and domain owns the content on the server.

              So If friend B owns the license, He can pull the vB and go else where but without the users and posts.
              Assuming friend A pays the hosting bill.


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