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Migrating a Huge XMB Board to Vbulletin: Worth It?

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  • Migrating a Huge XMB Board to Vbulletin: Worth It?

    Any users out there who have experience migrating a huge XMB board over to VBulletin?

    This board has about 1500 users and 200,000 posts over 3 years. It has a very loyal user base. I've recently been given the honor of administering it but XMB is so frustrating and tedious.

    A few questions:

    1. Would I be able to migrate all forums over? Would I lose information in the process?

    2. Would there be a way to migrate existing threads, leaving them open or would I just need to have the old board as a read only board that folks could link to.

    3. What are the advantages of moving to VBulletin? Seems more feature rich.
    a. Is there a performance advantage with VBulletin that allows it to support the same large user base with better performance and more efficient memory and CPU utilization?
    b. Is it better supported?

    4. Our current board requires Admin approval of all new member applications. Does VBulletin support this?

    5. Are there any disadvantages to the move that I should consider?

    I know there are a lot of questions but my frustration with XMB has prompted me to wonder if I ought to migrate, as painful as that might be. I'd like folks to sell me on the idea of migrating if it's worth it.

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    Thank you for contacting vBulletin Sales and hopefully I can assist you with answering some of your questions.

    Before I do so I'd like to point out our online documentation about impex:

    Impex is our import software written specifically for vbulletin. Customers can download it for free, and it comes with free support to in case you need additional help. It helps you transfer data over from one forum package to vbulletin.

    1. XMB Script
    It appears we have an XMB script:

    This means you can import your forums, members, and their posts. There should not be any data loss when doing so.

    2. Archived?
    No, the content imported won't be archived. Open threads are open, closed threads are closed; everything should be the same so you can continue using your forum, only now powered by vbulletin.

    3. Advantage
    Obviously the feature rich product and their options. The performance, security and that it has been the marketleader in the last 5+ years. Offering a product with features well balanced against performance. It comes with a steady policy, steady price and top notch support.
    a. Yes, I believe it will perform better as we do our best to optimize the soruce code to perform as well for a small forum as it does for a big forum.
    b. That I do not know, I don't have experience with their staff. But the Jelsoft staff is carefully hand picked, trained and the team is online 24/7 to assist you with your problems, for free. The support is a job, it is not a hobby.

    4. Moderation of posts
    Yes, vBulletin has thread / post moderation PER usergroup. An example. New comers who have never posted could be setup to have their posts moderated. But users with say .. more than 15 posts .. don't have to be moderated anymore. vBulletin is quite flexible and permits you to shape it to your needs. But to keep it simple: Yes, user registration moderation is a feature, and user post moderation is too.

    5. Disadvantage.
    That is a hard question to answer, perhaps I am biased when I say no. It might take a short afternoon to do the impex, but that's it. I think moving from any forum package to vbulletin is a step forward.

    Thank you for your questions and your interest in the vBulletin forum software. We're looking forward to your purchase, but don't hesitate if you have any more questions.

    All the best,


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      Thanks. That helps quite a bit.

      Regarding moderation of forums. Does vBulletin allow you to restrict forums to certain user "ranks". That is, until a person reaches X posts or is a member for Y amount of time they cannot access certain forums.


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        Yes to both questions!


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          Another question:

          The format of an XMB board is like this:

          whereas the format of a vBulletinboard is like this:

          1. Does the migration tool preserve the original thread id?
          2. If a user had the above thread bookmarked previously, would vBulletin alias an old link into the forum id?


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            No to both questions. Sorry.
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              Mmm.. might be possible with .htaccess URL rewrite - but this wasn't really my biggest skill so far

              Might be worth asking over at vbulletin-faq
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                There is a tool script that will provide 404 or 301 redirects from the old urls to the new ones.
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