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    Before i buy a licence, i want to know if there is also an front-end as back-end translation. This before my English is not so wel

    Thanxs for your reply

    Grt Peer

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    Each language pack translates the front-end AND back-end at the same time.

    You can read some information about, but not download, the Dutch language pack here. The differences between 3.5.4 and 3.6.1 as far as language should not be enough to cause a major problem.

    Elk taalpak vertaalt tezelfdertijd de voorkant EN het achterste deel.

    U kunt wat informatie over, maar niet download hier lezen, het Nederlandse taalpak. De verschillen tussen 3.5.4 en 3.6.1 voor zover de taal niet zou moeten zijn genoeg om een belangrijk probleem te veroorzaken.


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      I didn't know you spoke Dutch feldon

      While we don't offer an official Dutch translation, some of our customers have translated vBulletin into the Dutch language.
      The latest language pack is available here:
      This only translates the frontend though, most of the backend is still in English.
      Best Regards
      Colin Frei

      Please don't contact me per PM.


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        I don't speak Dutch, but Babelfish does.

        The Language Pack sticky could use updating. I see there are complexities in the Dutch language pack. One was developed at but others did not like it, so it was retranslated by a translation firm and that pack has been released for 3.6.0 and as you say, it does not translate the Admin panel.