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Switch to VB from PHPBB w/ Cat Hierarchy

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  • Switch to VB from PHPBB w/ Cat Hierarchy

    I'm wanting to give VB a shot, but have a few questions first.
    I'm currently running the latest PHPBB forums with the Cat Hierarchy mod, which is quite extensive. I only care about not losing the members, topics, or posts this possible?
    I currently have the following mods installed, none of which are important
    1. Cat Hierarchy
    2. Attachment Mod
    3. Simple Quick Reply
    4. Simple Image Upload

    I assume I need to install and adjust VB myself, if its even possible to switch....if I run into problems during the sswitch over...will there be people to help, so that my forums are not down for an extensive period of time?
    Thanks for the help

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    ImpEx is generally built to only support the default database layout, though I think attachments are imported from phpBB as well.

    I can't guarantee that the category hierarchy will import correctly, but you should be able to easily adjust that in vBulletin after you're done importing.

    Yes, if you have problems you can open a support ticket and we'll gladly try to help you.
    I recommend doing a test run of the upgrade beforehand anyhow though.
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      Thanks for the quick reply. I really regret installing Cat hierarchy...I have a little experience with phpbb(installing mods), but no experience with mysql databases.
      I have the attachment mod installed, but have deleted all attachments, so that isn't an issue.....I only care about losing the forum member list and the posts....and having my forums down for an extended period of time.
      As to testing, before I purchase VB, I want to make sure it will work, without any problems
      BTW, a little info about my forums....
      150 members
      15,233 posts
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        You can keep your phpBB forum running, set to Read-Only, while you are ImpExing your data into the vBulletin forum. Then when everything is good, you can rename your forum directory and then rename the vb test forum to the old forum name and the switcheroo is complete.


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          Wait, so you can import the same database from a PHPbb forum, to a VBulletin forum? With this pulling in your membes, passwords, etc. from PHPbb to VB?
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            Impex basically reads your phpBB database and converts the data, and installs it into the vBulletin database
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              Originally posted by Jealousy10312 View Post
              Wait, so you can import the same database from a PHPbb forum, to a VBulletin forum? With this pulling in your membes, passwords, etc. from PHPbb to VB?
              It would be pretty bad if you couldn't import from phpBB and other forums into vBulletin. How many people would want to dump everything and start over? Nearly 40 forums can be imported into vBulletin, including the hosted forum EZBoard.


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                Sorry Im a bit new to all this

                Is impex part of VB

                So if I purchase Vb I can transfer my data from phpbb straight into it

                Do I have to use a seperate mysql database for that (not a problem if I do my host allows 10) once set up on new database do I delete the old one currently 80,000 posts, or will it convert the old one and leave it where it is, I mean when I install do I point at old mysl base or a totally new one

                Also does VB ues the index.php as a url and is this adjustable, say I want to use forum.php, just a thought, actually is it possible to run two forums on the same domain/server if I wanted to keep the phpbb running alongside a vb one or would this cause conflict errors, I noticed a post mentioned putting a file in the includes folder, phpbb as one of these too which is why Im asking, it might get overwritten on installion of vb

                Also lets suppose I decide to drop the phpbb (or maybe depending on your replies I may have too) what info is imported into vb, as say memebers PMs I know some of my members have a lot of saved ones, will it import my own galleries/avatars or will these need to be set up again

                Thanks for any help and hopefully getting to do some business with VB


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                  ImpEx is a download that becomes available to you once you purchase vBulletin. It doesn't convert. It imports. For best results, you'll want to create a new DB for vBulletin, install it, and then set up ImpEx to read from your phpBB database and write to your vBulletin database.

                  Exactly what is and isn't imported from phpBB is spelled out in the User Manual. Posts, Threads, Forums, Users, PMs, Avatars, Bans, Polls, and Attachments come over. If you have some kind of Gallery mod, that is not imported so you will want to export that to some other format.

                  You can change index.php to something else. To avoid massive confusion, you'll want to install vBulletin into another folder besides phpBB, get everything imported, and then swap them out, renaming your vb forum to /forum/ and your phpBB forum to /oldforum.


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                    Thanks for the reply, looks pretty straight forward

                    Just one more quicky if anyone can help is this critical

                    vBulletin requires that the mysql username has create, select, update, insert, delete, alter and drop privledges, contact your host and ask them to adjust these privledges.

                    magic_quotes_gpc should be off for optimal performance, ask your host to change this in php.ini

                    After running the vb_test it passed everything except the above, Ive sent a copy to my host but still awaiting thier response

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                      magic_quotes is trivial. Joomla install actually recommends that it be ON so that poorly written modules/components will show error messages. I'd say there is some debate about this.


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                        I imported to vB3 over a year and a half ago from phpbb with the cat hierarchy mod.

                        Just flatten your forums out first and you'll be fine!


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