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Converting Ezboard to VBulletin

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  • Converting Ezboard to VBulletin

    hi all,

    I know you have most likely heard this a 1,000 times over the last few months, but I am thinking (well decided actually) to convert my ezboard to VBulletin. Only I am not computer savvy in the least. I know the first step is to purchase a license, then a web hosting (does anyone have any recommedations for this?). After that, do I have to convert the ezboard myself? Or is there a service offered for this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    many thanks

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    While we are on this topic, is there a converter for proboards?


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      From the FAQ it mentions 3.5 (3.6 also?) can be converted from this list:

      vBulletin 3.5.x

      The vB3 import system is called ImpEx and currently can support the conversion of the following boards to vBulletin:
      • IPB (2)
      • phpBB 2.0.x
      • Infopop eve
      • IPB (1.1 -1.3)
      • IPB (2.x)
      • wBB (2)
      • Ubb classic (6.3 - 6.7)
      • Open Topic & Ubb.x
      • DCFm (DCForum+ MySQL backend)
      • YaBB SE
      • Ubb threads
      • vBulletin 3.0 and 3.5
      • Snitz (MySQL)
      • Ikonboard MySQL
      • XMB
      • CuteCast
      • vBulletin (2)
      • ThwBoard (3)
      • SMF
      • DiscusWare (file based - 4.00.x)
      • vB (1.0 RC1)
      • YaBB - Gold
      • openBB
      • dulexportal
      • Digiposts
      • Phorum
      • Fusetalk
      • WebWiz
      • Ezboard (posts only, not members accounts)
      • many more...


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        ezboard CAN be converted to vBulletin, however it isn't done by the end user. Once you purchase a license and have your site set up, you can then request the ezboard import from the Members' Area. It will send you an email with the information/steps you need to do so that the staff here can then perform the import.

        feldon23's post here contains other useful information as well:
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 originated from an ezboard and, when it was converted last summer, was the largest ezboard the people here at vB had converted.

          I'd second all of feldon23's comments in the referenced post. And, speaking from experience, the conversion is pretty effortless on our part - all the hard work is done by the vB staff. I strongly recommend the move - all the members at "my" board welcomed the change and were glad to get off ezboard.


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            Originally posted by lordmenace View Post
            While we are on this topic, is there a converter for proboards?


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              Two questions:

              1) I have two forums I used to frequent that I might be able to buy out. Is there a limit to databases you can move over? (One will be a VB, the other is phpBB)

              2) I see that phpBB is supported. But what exactly is transferred to be exact?


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                1. No limit.

                2. You can read about the phpBB importer here:

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                  Originally posted by lordmenace View Post
                  While we are on this topic, is there a converter for proboards?
                  It would be a massive scalp for vBulletin to get one but they don't.


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                    Just like EZBoard, they would have to write a "harvester" that downloads all the threads, posts, and users from ProBoards and puts it into a useful format.


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