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  • SSL full time & multiple passwords for....

    Hello I have an SSL on my .biz site via GoDaddy. I have installed SMF and it works. BUT I need SSL fulltime as my business is largely about developing unique products and source and progress art must be shared with various people around the world.

    Also I need to alow distributors access to some parts of the forum and allow experts access to a different subset of the threads. Ideally something like this could simplify it.

    Each person having dedicated passwords, even if they must enter it each time they enter an area.

    Distributor Area / Source Art Images, Progress Images, Commentary
    Expert Consultant / Source Art Images, Commentary
    Fellow Artist / Progress Images, Comentary

    Will vBulletin do all this with 100% SSL security?
    How often in a years time should I expect to get hacked?

    I have been a long time user of Is this an example of a one liscence situation?

    Thank you.

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    There are some threads here in presale with more info but iirc, if you use https:// you can use your ssl for the whole forum. Its all or nothing actually.

    As for distributors access, the simplest way of implementing this and managing it would be to assign users to usergroups. You can set the permissions up so that specific user groups can only view certain forums (you can do this at a user level as well but if its alot of users - groups are the way to go).

    You can also password protect each forum but it would be the same password for all the users that will access it. I think usergroup permissions are the better way to go but its option should you need it for some reason.

    vbulletin takes security very seriously and releases are made asap when vulnerabilities are discovered. As long as you stay up to date you shouldn't have a problem. There are also some other threads here and over at that go more in depth about securing your server and your forums.
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      Originally posted by stephenc View Post
      How often in a years time should I expect to get hacked?
      Every 117.5 days between 5pm and 9pm, but only if it is a Wednesday and raining ...

      j/k : I got never hacked ... IF you get hacked it is most likely a problem with the server, but not with the software ..
      I'm not under the alkafluence of inkahol like some thinkle peep I am!


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        Thank you Reeve of Shinra, and utw-mephisto.

        You have both confirmed my confedence in vBulletin.

        I wish I could purchase a monthly subsciption as even $86 bucks is a big lump of cashflow in my world right now.

        I'll poke about the vBulletin forums some more next week.


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