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Need info on ordering vBulletin

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  • Need info on ordering vBulletin

    I want to order a vBulletin board, but I have no experience at all with it. Will I be able to get it set up and do things like customize the board by changing colors, etc with no knowledge or am I asking for a lot of trouble? I've designed some web sites, but have basically no knowledge of HTML as I used Microsoft Frontpage. Any thoughts, info or suggestions for a completely new user?
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    Have you tried the admin demo? If not, check out

    It will let you view all the features of the admin-side of things, including what you can change.

    Changing the colors and the logo is very easy, in fact it's the one thing many forums do, and leave the rest as it is.
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      Customizing vBulletin is quite easy once you get used to the Admin Control Panel.

      When using the Admin CP, there are tons of helpful information along the way to get you in the right direction. Most options have a short description of what each setting does and what it effects. If you need further information, there are little question mark icons that you can click to get more detailed information, some examples, etc. You should never feel like you don't know what you're doing when editing your settings.

      As for customizing vBulletin's look and feel, that is easily done (basic items anyway, such as the overall color) through the Admin CP as well. With the WYSIWYG-like CSS editor, you can easily change your forum colors with a simple click-and-go like function. You could also upload or download styles to use on your vBulletin installation as well. You can find more information about the style manager here:

      As for final advice, it would be a bit of a recommendation to learn a little bit of HTML and CSS along the way (using a test forum and practicing with editing templates is a great way to achieve this) to help even further customize your forum. A recommended site would be to look at thw W3Schools website.

      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask here! There are plenty of users who will be happy to answer them.
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        I have a similar question, so I hope the OP doesn't mind me inserting it here.

        I am less concerned with working the admin CP and more with getting the forum up at all. How difficult is it to install vBulletin? I have just purchased server space on A Small Orange which, as far as I can tell, should be more than sufficient to run my forum. I wasn't worried until I went to order vBulletin and found that there was a $135 charge for professional installation. Anything that costs that much money cannot be easy, right? Can I, someone who barely knows what MySQL is, do it on my own?


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          Generally it's not that hard and the vast majority of customers are able to do this themselves. You can view the installation instructions in our online documentation here:

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            Originally posted by Steve Machol View Post
            Generally it's not that hard and the vast majority of customers are able to do this themselves. You can view the installation instructions in our online documentation here:

            Thanks for the link! Don't know how I missed that.

            I guess if I do happen to run into any problems, they'll already have been addressed here on the forums. I feel a bit more confident. Thanks again!


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