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phpbb to VB - detailed questions

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  • phpbb to VB - detailed questions

    Currently, we have a little over 10,000 members, it's used for photography. Our forum is with moderate number of hacks.

    We are looking for the following features:

    1. A decent portal page that pulls some latest posts, and some room for other promotional messages etc.

    2. Attachment
    a. Attachment quota management for each user so we can have subscription system for users want to subcribe to more attachment space.
    b. User is able to manage all their attached files in one place, i.e. ability to view all their attached files and delete them.
    c. If the attachment are images, ability to view these photos.

    3. Newsletter management: signup, and export the users for certain date.

    4. Medal Award system, where we can award some tiny graphical image to list under a user's profile.

    5. Group Subscription.

    6. Blog. This might be hard. We have a phpbb-blog hacks. Does VB has any blog built-in or plugin?

    7. Finally the Theme. How easy to customize the theme, any dark grey theme to recommend? Any professional to recommend for the theme work? And is it easy to upgrade VB with customized theme?

    How difficult is it to convert from phpbb to VB? We are looking to hire an expert for this job.

    Many thanks for your detailed answers. We are seriously looking to convert to VB.

    Thank you!

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    1. We don't offer an official portal addon, but there are multiple packages available from third partys. Have a look on

    2. a) This is possible per usergroup, but not per single user
    b) This is possible in the UserCP
    c) What else does one want to do with images? This is possible as well.

    3. There's no actual newsletter, but you can send emails to all the users, or certain usergroups. You could even set up a public usergroup to have a specific signup to the newsletter.
    These users email addresses can also be exported

    4. You can easily award a graphic using user ranks or promotions.

    5. Can you elaborate?

    6. We don't have anything official, but there might be something available on

    7. It's relatively easy to style vBulletin using the built in style & template system. Upgrading vBulletin with a customized theme might require reverting some templates and reapplying your changes.

    Converting is relatively easy with ImpEx, though you should test run it once or twice, especially if your phpBB forum is modified.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

    Please don't contact me per PM.


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      3. CommBull at

      6. vBlog at


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