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    I am trying to design a website and need a forum... Since I like the setup of vbulletin my question is does it come with some sort title or home page or is does the software once downloaded merely contain a forum/message board ?? I was hoping that it would be similiar to php nuke in that it comes with some sort of page that links to the forum that one can customize... any help or suggestions would be appreciated...thx

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    It does come with just a forum (and all it's integrated features), however there are many portal hacks you can find and use at once you've become a customer.


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      Thanks R,

      Please forgive since I am a "newbie" and new with computers but what "portal hacks" mean ?? are they more or less like home pages with templates that I can download that work with v-bulletin... Currently the site that I have up and running now is located here

      so I need a home page that links to the forum and also a gallery which I believe v-bulletin comes with... By the way, are these hacks legal to obtain and where can I see examples ?? Sorry for all the questions but I am working under a deadline and want to make sure that I do the best job possible...


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        An example of a portal is vBadvanced (which is actually another paid product if I remember correctly)

        Most hacks are quite free to obtain and all are quite legal, however Jelsoft provides no support for hacked software.

        The vBGallery I believe is another hack. Actually, it's pretty much safe to say that anything you can't find on is a hack, because this site uses an out-of-the-box vBulletin software with no changes made.


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          Thanks R...

          So if I get catch your drift, buy purchasing vbulletin all I get is the forum/messageboard and will need to visit sites such as to obtain free software such as a gallery or title screen/home page to go along with my message board ??


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            Indeed. Most, if not all vBulletin hacks can be found on, which is Jelsoft's official vBulletin modification site. However, some hacks have grown increasingly popuar, enough that their authors choose to create a site specifically for providing and supporting that hack.

            Once you've purchased vBulletin, you'll be able to view and download attachments from, which will allow you access to the many, many hacks that have been released.

            While there are some that are not free, it's ultimately up to the author of the hack to make this decision. All you need to do, is look around.


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              Great information R and I think you have sold me on vBulletin as I am ordering and installing it now... I will apologize beforehand as I am sure that is not the end of my questions regarding vBulletin !!

              Thanks again R !!


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                You're welcome! I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as the rest of us have.


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