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    Hi dear members/Admins,
    I saw vBulletin before on other sites and i liked it more then phpBB, But i don't really like to start all over again. So my question is: Can i move my posts/topics/members/ from my phpBB forum to a vBulletin forum ?

    If yes ! W00t love it :P and tell me how :P
    If no, God dammed that's too bad

    I really like vBulletin, but don't really like to start all over

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    Yes, you can import most content from PHPBB to your new vBulletin installation using "ImpEx". (vBulletins import tool) To do this, you will want to read through the documents listed below:


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      phpBB to vBulletin is probably the most common conversion.

      Note that any add-ons that you've put into phpBB will not be converted with the exception of attachments. Attachments with the phpBB Attachment plugin WILL be converted to vBulletin. Users, posts, threads, polls, etc. will be converted as well.


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        I did an import from phpBB 2.03 to VB 3.5.0 ... I didn't get every single scrap of data, but I got all the important stuff like memberdata, forums and posts.

        You won't regret it, hacking and modding takes less than half the time it does with phpbb.


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          I have 2 hosts, one with my PHPBB forum on it, and one i would like to install vBulletin on it.

          Now i need first some information before i buy vBulletin. Because i don't want to buy it for nothing.

          What do i have to do on my PHPBB forum. What must i save ??
          I have no clue what too do. What and how to ??

          And what's next ??
          Please explain me first all the steps i must do.

          Thanks for this !


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            What you'll want to do is move your phpBB database to the new server. The files aren't really needed, only the database.
            Once you have a vBulletin license you can follow the instructions here:
            Best Regards
            Colin Frei

            Please don't contact me per PM.


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              You'll need to figure out how to copy the MySQL database used by phpBB. There is a section in the vBulletin user manual regarding how to copy MySQL databases. If those instructions prove to be difficult, there are tools (scripts) you can download like MySQLDumper that do all the heavy lifting for you. The important things to note that it that while it is relatively easy to START a backup of your forum, it is also very easy to end up with only a PARTIAL backup on your PC. Most PHP installations are setup to stop any script that runs longer than 30 seconds, even if it's not finished what it's doing. MySQLDumper backs up and sends the MySQL backup to your PC a "bite-at-a-time". Other methods involve running a script on your website and downloading the complete backup through FTP.


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