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    I have a reasonably succesful phpBB forum, that I've modified with quite a few mods.
    I'm fed up with the hassle each time they bring out an update, and the amount of time it takes me to update.
    I've also been targetted by hackers who thankfully haven't been able to get in, but my concern is the number of exploits on phpBB.
    This lead me to looking at other forum options. vB was recommended to me.

    How easy is it to migrate the existing forum across, users, password, posts (10's of thousands), etc.. the whole nine yards? Is there anything that can't be migrated across?

    A rather subjective question, how secure is vB, and how easy is to update?

    The next question concerns using the vB forum accounts for other purposes. I have plenty of features on my site that use the phpBB accounts so that I know a user is authenticated or perhaps part of a group, etc.. Is there something similar available for vB?


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    Glad you came to the right place for forum software. If you haven't already looked...

    You can view vBulletin's features here:

    You can try the vBulletin demo here:

    Once you are a customer, you can use ImpEx (free with your license) to import your phpBB forum. You can view what ImpEx imports here. Outside of anything in that list ImpEx will not import any hacks or modifications you may have. Depending on what hacks you have, it may be already default in vBulletin, or you can look through to see if there is a plugin/hack available. If you do not find anything that suits your needs, you could ask at for someone to make the modification (or offer a paid job for it).

    vBulletin is very secure. While it isn't "hacker proof," it is very difficult to get into in terms of breaches. If there is a breach in security in vBulletin, a patch is released within 24 hours or less and released.

    For upgrading, it is relatively easy. It is as easy as this: upload new files, run upgrade script, click through it, and done.

    You last question I do not understand. Do you mean restricting features to certain usergroups and/or users? If so, then yes, that is possible depending on what it is you would like to do with it.

    Anything else you may want to know, ask.
    Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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      Originally posted by Onimua
      You last question I do not understand. Do you mean restricting features to certain usergroups and/or users? If so, then yes, that is possible depending on what it is you would like to do with it.
      Thanks for the response so far, very helpful.

      I'll try to explain my last question.
      I've custom built many features such as an image upload facility. This is only available to registered users of the forum. So I use a custom script that interfaces with the phpBB user admin side of things. I check that user is logged in and also what group they belong to.
      I'm presuming that I can easily code the same sort of thing with vB.


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        Yes, I believe that is possible to do with conditionals.

        You can view more information about it here to get an idea of what it means in detail with vBulletin:
        Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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          vBulletin uses about 150 templates or HTML snippets to display the forum information. Less than 1% of the HTML displayed by vBulletin is stored in PHP files. Since Templates are not overwritten or affected by vBulletin upgrades, you can imagine this makes life a whole lot easier. Template Conditionals is a feature added in vBulletin 3.5 which lets you do a handful of PHP functions from within templates. A good example are is_member_of($bbuserinfo, X) which lets you check if the logged-in user is in a specific usergroup and then you can display certain features to them.

          *If you are running vB3.5.3 and you changed something in the postbit template and then you upgrade to vB3.5.4, there might be some kind of little bugfix in the postbit template that they made. Your forum will use 3.5.4 versions of every template except that postbit will be frozen at the 3.5.3 version. When you login to the AdminCP, it will tell you "There is 1 template which is out-of-date." You can read the update notes and decide if you want to upgrade the template (by reviewing its content), let the changes through, etc. Common templates like header and footer can be customized easily without fear of upgrades.

          vBulletin uses Plugins and Products (collections of Plugins, Templates, etc.) to allow forum operators to add features and functionality to their forum without ripping apart PHP files. Plugins and Products are preserved during vBulletin upgrades. Now, it's harder to write a Plugin than it is to just edit the PHP files, but you can see the obvious benefit of learning and using Plugins. There is an entire forum,, dedicated to extending vBulletin.


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