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  • Colin F

    Could you follow the instructions here please:


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  • yessenia1974
    started a topic Need suggestions

    Need suggestions

    Hello to everybody, i'm newbie here just bought today vbulletin and installed thank's of the good and clear manual. I don't have no idea about programming in any way and I can't afford to pay professional help so I'm trying to do everything my self and now I have this problems and I hope you can give me suggestions:

    I'm trying to setup a new business about Scrapbooking digital and traditional, also digital photograpy and various arts.

    - I need a CMS easy to learn, I already tryed some but: Subdream is limited for everything that I need, Joomla is not for me much complicated, phpnuke so many security problems so now let me with NUKE ET that i have installed now, vbadvanced and I don't know no one else.

    - Vbulletin that I already have
    - Photopost that I will buy as soon I find a solution for my problem

    Now, my problem is this one:

    I want my complete website with the CMS, vbulletin and photopost with the same theme and style, what do you recommend me ?

    Example Nuke Et I don't know if it is possible to integrate to it vbulletin and photopost and match the style.

    The only theme I found what I really liked I found out trough the forums that the owners are not anymore selling it, they have it for sale in their website but everybody says that they don't answer, and is truth since I send them an email and they never reply, so I don't want to risk to pay 30 dollars and don't have anything.

    Now i found other theme that can feet my business style but I don't know how possible will be to integrate it to the CMS and photopost since is a theme exclusiv for vbulletin, this one here : Mystic Skin

    I can't afford a custom one right now, between vbulletin and photopost I can't afford anything else, so from the paid themes I found this one is the only one that i like making some modifications.

    Would someone please tell me If I buy this skin If will be possible to add it to photopost and a CMS ? and if yes, what kind of CMS would integrate the forum and the gallery and the theme?

    My vbulletin version is the last one 3.5.4

    Thank you

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