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  • Interest in buying vBulletin


    We have a new web based project coming up in our organization and am evaluating vbuletin to be used as the software for powering the "messageboard" requirement.

    With regard to this decision I had a couple of qustions and I would be thankfull if the admins/moderators can provide the relevant replies.

    The requirements are;

    1. Ability to moderate in a queue messages that do not become visible until approved
    2. Ability to skin the application to look like the rest of the project
    3. Has to work within or at least integrate with our Weblogic/Oracle setup
    4. Ability to import existing users into the message board software
    5. Needs to be able to scale to as high as potentially 1 million users.

    Please advise.

    Best Regards

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    deffinatley 1,2,4 & 5, not sure about 3


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      1. Yes.
      2. Yes.
      3. vBulletin is a MySQL application. Making it work with Oracle would be a 2-3 month rewrite of the core.
      4. Import existing users from what database? What format will the users come in? It might be easier to set up some kind of "bridge" to allow users to only have to login once.
      5. How many of those users active? I find that less than 5% of registered users actually stay active and post more than 5 messages. Server performance is measured by number of posts and number of simultaneous users. A fairly busy forum has 200-300 users simultaneously accessing the forum within a 15 minute span. There is much help available here at for setting up dedicated servers to handle 1,000 simultaneous users. 53 million posts, 141 thousand members 8.6 million posts, 1 million members

      Check out


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        Hi all,

        Thanks for your replies.
        I was just wondering if anyone has used vbulletin with weblogic.
        I guess my basic question is;
        How is the message board/forum hosted? Does it depend on the application server in anyway? What are requirements for runing the forum based on vbulletin.

        Best Regards


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          vBulletin is a PHP/MySQL application. All that is required is a copy of PHP and a copy of MySQL both be properly installed in an Apache, IIS, or other web server. No other support appplications or toolkits are required.

          It neither requires nor utilises Java 2 (J2EE), SOAP, IIOP, WSDL, JMS or any other buzzwords.


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