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  • Total Confused

    yesterday I tried a "free" try forum, which link I lost
    I'm so new to all of this that I have trouble finding things.
    Question: Where can I change buttons, like the ones on left side from from the Categorys, Forums?
    How can I move the welcome writing under the Logo?

    I looked and looked, but can not find it
    Is it possible, that your staff, can set up the Forum for me and hoe much would that cost me?

    Can anybody who is as clueless as I am, build a Forum with vBulletin?
    I do not want to spend Money on something I can not manage.

    Best Regards

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    Staff can install your forum for $135. But they won't design it for you, for designs and modifications you have to look around sites like Doubt you will be able to get access to designs etc until you actually have a vB lisence. The Admin Demo which I assume you are using is just there to show you what the admin panel itself can do.


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      I know, I played with it, could change colors, add forums, etc. I just dont know how to change buttons and how to get the wrtitign which is on the right side of the loge under the logo banner.


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        You cannot change the graphics on the Admin Demo here at You'll need to purchase vBulletin to do that.