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Migration from IPB to vB? Any experience there?

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  • Migration from IPB to vB? Any experience there?

    First of all, I know for some it's probaby a Coke/Pepsi or Chocolate/Vanilla sort of decision. Not really a BEST software (or absolute choice) to be used by everyone.

    I've been with IPB for a couple of years. Liked it a lot. Chose it because I was tired of phpBB and didn't want to pay for vB (IPB was free at the time.)

    But I've been looking over the fence for a while at vB. Almost pulled the trigger a couple of times. But never did. I know that if I did switch I'd have to have a new skin made for my forums. But the same thing would have to be done next time I update my version of IPB anyhow. So the $$ isn't really the big deal.

    But for people who moved from IPB to vB (or just for people with actual experience running both) what would any advantages would you see come from switch.
    **What issues did you face in the switch?
    **Did you members take it easily or with some grumbling? Any details there?
    **Any times you wished you'd not done it?

    I know that vB has a better "portal" of sorts it seems for the front page of sites. They have Blind Polling which I've wanted for a few years on IPB. But I hear that some people think IPB is easier to admin and skin.

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    Which version of IPB ?
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      Ipb 2.0.3