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    What an excellently done integration of Joomla and vBulletin. I noticed you have vBulletin registration turned. Does this sync with your Joomla website? (so in JFusion would vBulletin be the master and Joomla be the slave).

    I really would love to know how you got your vbulletin to look so good in your Joomla template. Any help is appreciated.

    Currently I am using JFusion with Joomla 1.5.10 and vBulletin 3.8.2 and I would prefer running registrations and user management through vBulletin and then sync over to Joomla but haven't found a way to log into Joomla if vBulletin is the master. Right now I have an issue when I logout of one or the other (joomla or VB) it doesn't log out of the other. Login is no problem and user sync is working with joomla as the master and vb as the slave.


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      Hey there! Thanks for all the info. I'm thinking about going with bbpixel, but before I buy, I need some help translating their features. I think its got things I need, but since the following feature list from their website is in such broken English, I don't quite get what they mean on some things, and I'm sure I misunderstand some because a couple sound like the complete opposite of useful features...

      1. Features
      * Once login and be logged in both Joomla & vBulletin
      * Registration through vBulletin to security your site
      * User Control Panel through vBulletin to focus one place control
      * User Management through vBulletin to focus one place control

      (Why would I want to disable Joomla's user control panel? I would much rather manage users in Joomla than vBulletin after the bridge. Did I misunderstand this?)

      * Joomla users and vBulletin users stored through their own

      (They're own what?)

      * Support separate database
      * Support subdomain name
      * No modifing core files *
      * Show Latest Threads from vBulletin on Joomla
      * Show Who's online from vBulletin on Joomla


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        In jfusion you have a very good bridge. I never experienced any problem with this bridge. You can select who is master and who is slave. If you like to register in Vb just make them master. But... I read on their forum that there are some issues with the latest version of Vb.

        And the link for the problems with the drop downs:
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