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  • advice re: needs for vb

    Hi am thinking of purchasing VB but have a few questions
    I have never run a forum before so am very new , so treat me as the dummy that I am
    1 I am thinking of purchasing VBulliten and paying for installation and 6 months of telephone support due to my complete lack of forum / php / Mysql knowledge but would also like to purchase the vBSEO Plugin to make Search Engine friendly URL's etc , would purchase of this plugin and installation void any 6 month phone support I purchased
    2 I am unsure if my forum would be successfull so would just get shared hosting for the site , If the site did gain success would it be easy and fairly painless to move to a dedicated server
    3 Is it fairly easy to configure templates to have a look and feel that would be consistent with my other site
    4 Is it fairly easy to implement adsense on to a forum and would contextual advertising match page OK
    5 Is there a minimum recommendation for hosting needs and what level of posters / members would a shared hosting package support
    thanks very much

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    1. No, this is a seperate plugin

    2. Well, i consider it easy, i dont know if you consider making a backup and going thru PHPMyAdmin [most hosts]. PHPMyAdmin is hard since it takes a LONG time to restore if you got 7 MBS or higher. On the otherhand, you can restore with Shell or Telnet, this process would be FASTER, but most hosts dont offer Shell ot Telnet.

    3,5. Ummm, i cant answer that

    4. Adding adsence to a page is simple. You should have it on your footer, or somewhere you can see it from all pages. You can ad adsence by editing a tempelete, this should take around like 30 seconds.


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      one more quick question

      Thanks for the quick reply
      just a quicky
      I ran the test script all else passed except the following error

      magic_quotes_gpc fail

      will this cause a problem during install or is it just a tuning issue that i can change at a later date

      I am now thinking of having a go at installation myself as maybe i will learn something



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        Ive heard of this about a vB OPTION. But this shouldnt be a problem at all.


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          This actually shouldnt be a problem, it says fail on that part for me, but my board is still running. No worriez!


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            Thanks steve for your time and effort

            well off to order my copy of VB , decided to go for installing it myself maybe i may learn something , If I screw it up and cant fix it with help from the board will pay for install

            thanks again


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              Your always welcome! Enjoy your vBulletin copy!


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                vBseo is not our plugin nor did we make it, if you do come into an issue we may ask you to remove and or disable the plugin untill we can trouble shoot the issue. Plugins, like code changes, do void support, however plugins for the most part have an off button


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