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Community travel forum possible?

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  • Community travel forum possible?

    I'm creating a travel board for a worldwide organization. I've looked at a ton of the mods available for vBulletin, specifically those allowing Google maps & personal page creation, but I haven't seen mods on all of my requirements...

    I need to know if vBulletin can do the following:

    allow paid members to:
    -view and search all member profiles, all fields.
    -send pm's to all members.

    allow non-paid members to:
    - search and view all member profiles, but only administrator-selected fields.
    -send an administrator-controlled number of pm's to all members, 5 pm's-per-day, for example.

    Thanks for any help!

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    You could add a Template Conditional to the Member Profile (MEMBERINFO) template to control which data is shown based on usergroup. For example:

    <if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 12)">
    stuff shown to user group 12
    <if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 14) or is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 15)">
    stuff shown to user group 14 and 15

    By default, users can only send a PM to up to 5 people at a time. There might be a Plugin available (or you may be able to request/contract for one to me created) to accomplish what you want.


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      Thanks for the help.

      I'm no great programmer, but the logic behind the 5-PMs-per-day mod seems simple to implement. I'd have to add 2 fields to the database to count PMs and the date sent, then add a script to check the count upon every pm submission, incrementing it each time until the limit is reached. of course there'd be code in there to reset the number if the current date is different than the stored date in the database field. If successful it would allow the PM to send, otherwise it would redirect the user to a registration page. Like I said, I'm no great programmer. The logic seems good, its the implementation that might take me a while to figure out!

      Am I missing anything you can think of?

      Along these lines... is there a database schema for vBulletin out there? I'd hate to go into the database blind!


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        Sorry, we do not have a database schema available at this time.
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          -send pm's to all members.

          Just to answer this part, there is a modification which allows you to do this at


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