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Would i be able to do this please.

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  • Would i be able to do this please.


    My friend and I are in the process of setting up a web site, We have decided on using vbulletin to power it and I have a question before we decide to go ahead.

    As we will be purchasing this and splitting the cost 50 - 50 it would seem appropriate that we each have access to this site and the support it offers, Although we would be able to do this using one account would it be possible for my partner to have a unique account and still access the same support bearing in mind we would only have one license.

    If this is not possible it would only be a minor inconvenience however it would be preferable to have one each.

    Thank you


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    That's not possible, sorry.
    You can add both emails to the priority support fields though, the only difference will be that only the person that ordered vBulletin will be able to make changes to the customer/license details.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

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      When you say changes to the license details are you talking about the site we would utilise the software on, if you are then there is no need for us to have 2 accounts anyway, but is it not possible specificaly for this forum, What i mean is could if i use my debit card to pay and the license is associated to my account email address have my partner open a user account on here and in times of need ask in the member section.

      I'm sorry of i'm a bit hard to understand reading it back i am confusing myself.




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        Your partner will be able to get support, he simply won't be able to do things like change the name or email address associated with the customer account.
        Best Regards
        Colin Frei

        Please don't contact me per PM.


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          Excellent thats is all we would need to be frank, The problem i forsaw was him popping in here for help using my account and then when i popped in i would see myself asking questions i knew nothing about and should he have not told me i would have worried about some one taking my account off me.

          Thank you for clearing that up I look forward to becoming a vbulletin license holder..



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            Well i have just purchased the software, Thank you am i now able to recieve support from this forum and the support ticket system mentioned in my members area.



            Oh and where do i put my partners email address so he may recieve support also.

            P.s i downloaded this impex thing what is it and do i have to install it with my vbulletin message board software?


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              To get vB support on these forums you first need to be a licensed customer and register for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please go here:


              ...and enter your email address in one of the boxes. You'll need to have your customer number and password to access the page.

              You do not need to install Impex unless you want to import data from another BB systems.
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                Thanks, It already has my email address in it do i have to put it in again and i have putmy friends email address into it also, he has yet to sign up here does this make a difference?

                Oh and sorry it took so long to reply i went to work straight after posting this morning.



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                  Never mind, it seems my account from years ago is still here and as i bought the license using that email address i have to use it again because i cant update dwayne dibbly with that email.

                  Not to worry though all is good.


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