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    I am ready to purchase vBulletin, but I get a little confused by all the computer lingo. I sort of wing my way through anything technical or get help from my "resident geek" when he's not too busy. So, I guess I don't even know what I don't know, but here goes...

    I am currently using Websitesource as my hosting company and I have not been overly pleased with them. It's been merely okay. I also read on another post that their "php and mysql builds" (whatever the heck those are) are out of date. Can someone tell me what this means, if it's an accurate statement, and if it's relevant?

    I am really antsy to purchase because I currently run phpBB (installed by aforementioned geek) and I am getting members whose obvious intentions are only to post links to their websites--often porn--and it doesn't appear that I can erase their info from the member list. I don't want to continue to put the time into trying to figure out phpBB when I don't plan on continuing with it anyway.

    So, can someone answer those questions for me and also clue me in a bit more on what I need to be aware of before making the leap?

    Thanks all!


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    I would suggest getting a new web host. I'm a web host myself, and your host doesn't seem to "bright".


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      vBulletin allows you to "Moderate" not only users but also posts and threads.

      You can make it so if a user registers, they can't do anything until you check out their e-mail address, IP address, etc.

      OR you can allow users to post messages/threads but they are hidden until you APPROVE them. (This is what I do).

      There are also various add-ons at for customers such as Advanced bbCode Options where you can lock out the IMG and URL tags until a user has 5 or 10 posts under their belt. (Usergroup Promotions) The permissions system in vBulletin is very powerful.

      Basically any feature you've ever dreamed that phpBB had, vBulletin has it. That's what you get for paid software.

      As for MySQL/PHP issues, vBulletin and phpBB both store all their data (other than the executable scripts which are written in PHP) in a MySQL database. Just like Windows, you really should have a fairly up-to-date copy of PHP running on your web server. And for performance and security reasons, MySQL should be up-to-date too. Any web host that tells you it's "too complicated" or "disruptive" to upgrade PHP and MySQL is boldface lying to you. There are one-click scripts that upgrade PHP and MySQL to the latest versions with almost no disruption to service. There is little excuse for having out-of-date (I've seen 3+ years!) software running on a web host because it exposes you to security flaws.

      Various security flaws in PHP and phpBB have allowed hackers to break into phpBB forums and wipe the forum clean and steal everyone's e-mail address.


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        Thanks, feldon! Your explaination helped clear things up for me...I'm a very visual learner, so if I can't picture it, I get confused.

        I really like the idea of being able to approve posts before they are viewable, because my board discusses a very sensitive topic and it will be good to be able to screen new members for a while. I know vBulletin is a lot more powerful and flexible...I just can't wait to see all the options it allows me!


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          You can see the options vB gives you in their Admin Demo. here and if you'd like to see more on vBulletin and how vBulletin works, and the features then go here.
          If you need a good webhost then go here, and you can discuss if a webhost is good or bad.

          Good luck..
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            Thanks! I actually did download the admin demo a while back and played with it enough to know I love it! I know there are a lot of features I did not even explore. But, I learned enough to know that vB is what I want.

            As for hosting, I needed to set up a website for someone a few months ago and did some research on that. Namecheap was what I went with. I was actually already considering switching myself, but this just gives me more reason to.


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