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    I've run forums for a number of years so I'm pretty well-versed in the basics.
    I'm part of a Matrix Online (MMORPG) faction and we're looking to expand our website into something much bigger, incorporating many games.

    Ideally there would be a dedicated forum for each game, but with 10 games in total that we're probably looking to cater for, I'd need to stump up over $1000 to achieve that!

    For the record (I have read the sticky up there), could someone verify whether or not my plan original plan is illegal:
    Homepage: with main page
    MxO subforum: - links only to Matrix Online subforum
    WoW subforum: - links only to WoW subforum

    You get the idea. That's not ideal anyway, as I'd want a way to keep a main "News & Announcements" forum listed at the top of every subforum that was opened.
    As it stands, I think (if anyone can offer and alternative solution) the only solution is to operate one main uber-forum page with all subforums for every game-type listed.
    However I'd want to open the forum with them all closed to start off with, like this:

    I know that once you've "collapsed" a forum, they stay that way when you're logged in. However I want them collapsed as default, can that be done with vBulletin? And, more importantly, is it fairly simple to achieve?

    For the record, our current MxO forums have 10 sub-sections, and a total of 63 front-page-viewable forums. With some clever restructuring I'm sure that could be shrunk down somewhat and main forums used to house sub-forums within them.
    Can you determine in the control panel how many forums 'deep' the main page goes?

    For example, rather than:

    Main Catagory
    |_Forum 1
    |_Forum 2
    |_Forum 3 (with subforums inside this, but which are only shown when you actually open this forum)

    You could have, displayed on the homepage:

    Main Catagory
    |_Forum 1
    |_Forum 2
    |_Forum 3
    |_Forum 4
    |_Forum 5

    I hope that all made some sense

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    10 x owned license == $1,360.00 (discount included).

    Yes, it is possible to run one forum and have subdomains point to the categories/forums/anypage. However, the forum will still operate from the main domain.

    This might also be a interesting read for your situation:


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      Ah okay, that's what I was unsure about. I did read that link but wanted clarification.

      However, is it possible to selectively hide certain forums as a 'batch' process if you like?


      If I want to view Matrix Online forums, I go to the subdomain which redirects to the forum, but with everything but the main News & Announcements forum & the MxO forums hidden


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        That would indeed be possible. It would require a mod but with the way the vBulletin hooks system works it should be quite easy to implement.


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          Great! Thanks for the info

          Everything is still in the basic planning phase right now but from what I can tell the vBulletin community looks to provide excellent support!


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            Thank you for the feedback, and we're looking forward having your as our customer.


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              Just thought I'd say, I have just purchased a 1 year leased license


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                Welcome to the vBulletin Community, and thank you for your recent purchase. Enjoy your new forum software

                Reminder: May you decide within 30 days after purchase to still want to get teh owned license instead, you can upgrade for $85. After 30 days the costs will be $160.


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