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Can you disable tmp-table usage w/ MySQL?

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  • Can you disable tmp-table usage w/ MySQL?

    I have a customer that is considering using vBulletin with our software.

    To complete that project, I would need to know if it is possible to turn off usage of MySQL tmp-tables in latest version of vBulletin. If possible, could you send me detailed instructions how to do it. I'm not vBulleting user myself, so consider me as total dummy on this.

    I went through your documentation but I couldn't find anything there.

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    vBulletin itself will not use MySQL tmp-tables. MySQL itself however may decide that it is best (performance/memory usage) to use a temporary table. It is all up to the optimizer of MySQL.

    Could you maybe be a little more specific in what you want to prevent?
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      I think this is enough for me. Thanks a lot!


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