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    Hi all,

    Does the VBulletin forums run well alongside an Actinic powered site? Should have posed this question before buying but I just purchased the license It wont affect the existing website will it? It's a very large site and I would hate for anything to be overwritten or messed with. Would I be better off with a separate site for the forum? If so, how much space do I need to buy?

    On downloading the software I was presented with various optons. Now I have NO idea which ones to choose, so didn't complete the download! My site is on 1&1 servers so if anyone knows which options I require I would be most grateful. Could ask 1&1 but their responses are very slow and I need to get the forum up and running this weekend.

    I thank you all in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards

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    I would be grateful if someone could answer my questions as I cannot get on. I have posed some of the questions to 1&1 but got an automated email saying that replies could be delayed - as expected!

    Please help. I have created a sub-domain where the forum can be housed. I am a little worried about viruses etc as users can upload attachments etc. How do other more experienced VBulletin users deal with this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


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      I doubt very much that virus's can be transmitted through image files, plus if you are running on a linux host it should not be a major problem your end. If you are worried about zip files or word documents then you can always disable them so your always covered. In fact you can disable the whole system if you choose to.

      As for the integration I am not sure, but you can always just link to the forum from your frontpage and have it open in a separate window or something like that. Using the same login information though maybe a little harder and I have no idea if it is possible at all.


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        Thank you for the reply. I shall have to mull it all over, perhaps I was a little hasty in purchasing before I had answers to my questions. Can I get a refund?


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          vBulletin will not affect anything on your site (unless you do something silly and install it in a directory that already has files in /forum is a favorite for vBulletin installations). As for integration, if all you want is a colour scheme that matches the rest of your site then that is easily accomplished with a few template edits etc.


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            Thanks for the reply. Looks like I bought the software in haste - my server failed and cannot host VBulletin. Not sure of it's worth all the aggro just to let my customers chat so I'm going to ask for a refund.

            Thanks for your help.



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              vBulletin will run on 1&1, you'll just eventually run out of space. If you look at my specs in the other thread, after 5 years I'm still not over 100MB for the actual posts/threads/users.


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