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Need Prerequist System requirment

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  • feldon23
    Hosting a website on your PC is very unusual and I would not recommend it.

    You can get web hosting for $5-10/month.

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  • Reeve of Shinra
    You will need to purchase (a) a domain name (ie: and (b) hosting.

    - For domains check out or as they are the two favorites by far.

    - For hosting it depends. If your a new site, you will want wants called shared hosting.

    Its the most affordable. There is a whole forum here at which discuss hosting providers. You can also do a search at for others. Off the top of my head, I would recommend or just because they seem to be well liked.

    Without getting into a whole discussion, its generally a bad idea to host your own site on your home pc. Mostly because of bandwidth and because some providers will term your service as tehy dont allow home servers.

    Once the basic vb forum is uploaded to your host, the installation and the management is done via the admin control panel.

    There is an admin demo that you can try out ot get a feel for the backend. Its a little confusing at first, especially if your new to forums since vb has so many options but you will pick up on it quickly and there's always a bit of help to be had around here.

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  • WCI
    started a topic Need Prerequist System requirment

    Need Prerequist System requirment


    I am planning to by vBulletin package to my forum . I am trying to understand how whole thing works.
    • Once I create a forum with help of vbulletin where do I have to host .
    • Can I use some commercial vendor to host my forum or I have to host on my own machine .
    • If I have to host on my own machine , Do I need static IP .
    • if I host on some commercial webhosting , then how I controll my forum with vbulletin or once forum is created all admin functionality would be inbuilt.

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