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  • I have a question?

    I couldn't figure out the proper title so forgive me. I am new to all of this and before I buy this, I just had one question.

    My site is going to be a parenting/family site with more than just message boards. What I would like to do is have the kids be able to log on and only have access to certain areas on the site and have access to certain areas of the message board. I would like to have the kids usernames all the same color so I can keep track of them. Is this at all possible?

    TIA for any help!

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    I'm in the process of buying the board, but from what I've read, 'Usergroups' is the setting you need to play with.

    Basically - place all the kids in the 'Kid's Usergroup' (that you'll need to create). On each forum, eg:
    - Kids's Area (forum)
    -- Toys (sub forum)
    -- School (sub forum)
    -- Whatever (sub forum)

    - Adult's Area (forum)
    -- Not Toys (sub forum)
    -- University (sub forum)
    -- Whatever (sub forum)

    On the forum title (those in bold) you can set the forum for each usergroup (Kids = Kids, Adults = Adults) and so if a Kid attempted to access the Adult forum, they would receive an error message

    As for username colours, good idea actually - although as I have no experience, I think you may need to do some PHP editing. But I'm not entirely certain (but maybe under the 'Ranks' setting, this can be acheived as an alternative).

    Hope this helps.


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      You'll put the Kids in one Usergroup and the Adults in another Usergroup.

      You can make the Kids usernames in a different color with Usergroup Markup.

      The Adults forums won't even appear when a Kid logs in, and vice versa. If they do try to access the other forum (through a bookmark/favorite), it won't let them. And it's easy to make a general forum that both can see.

      When people register, you'll want to either Moderate them or put them into a usergroup which doesn't have access to either set of forums until you manually move them to one group or another.

      Now, you can use the built-in COPPA system where anyone who enters a birthday of less than 13 years is a different usergroup. Then you can say COPPA users can see the Kids forums and Adults can't and vice versa. Depends on your definition of Kids.


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        Thank you both so much for replying, I really appreciate your help!


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