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    So here is the deal... I have been spending the last couple of weeks reading over these forums and learning as I go along. And everytime a question came to mind I would just reserch it. Well, I cant seem to find the answer to this simple question.

    Assume that I am internet illiterate... I dont consider myself capable to "create" code of my own from scratch, but I understand it. What my question is, what is PHP??? I know that it is a type or version of code, but is it a program in itself as well?? Would I need to download or purchase a version to use it?

    For example... If I had a home page that wasnt the VB forum, would I have to create that page using PHP code or PHP code within a PHP program??

    If I am making no sense then I apologize....

    Thanks for any information!!!

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    PHP is a language, like HTML for example (though they are obviously different).

    You can find out more information here:
    Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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      Been in your place buddy, it's a nightmare at first, but the mist lifts quickly.

      PHP needs to be installed on the server and works very well with database systems like MySQL. PHP has been claimed to be the best thing since sliced bread.

      You don't really need to be able to code, I can't yet but am learing slowly. If you have a homepage that uses a prebuilt PHP package like phpcalendar that requires certain bits of PHP code to be added to the html then that page needs to called index.php instead of index.html. These bits of code come with the installation instructions and look like this:
      <?php require("calendar/calendar.php"); ?>
      Without PHP installed then this does not work.

      Hope this help a bit.



      • #4 has every answer for the questions you may have on php
        Syntax errors in my post ? Well, I'm a french-speaking Swiss user..


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          Any web hosting that you get will already have Apache (web server), PHP (scripting language), and MySQL (database) installed and linked together. Web hosting typically runs $6-12/month.

          All you have to do is upload the vBulletin files, create a MySQL database (4 clicks and some typing), edit one configuration file, and visit your forum and it goes through an install process. Relatively easy and the step-by-steps are very clear.

          As for a 'front page', there are other scripts you can download which graft themselves onto the front of vBulletin, such as vBAdvanced. Then you can write 'articles' or 'news' which appear on the front page of your website. Of course the star attraction of your website, at least at first, would be the forum, but now you would have a front page. Installing vBAdvanced requires editing 4 PHP files with step-by-step instructions.


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            Thanks guys. That helps clear up a lot of questions.

            I gotta say, this forum (community) is one of the best I have visited. Sometimes you can post a question and it will be days before someone replies. I have noticed that here, there is a response usually within a few hours. Very nice and reliable.

            Thanks again!!!


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