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    Before I purchase vBulletin I have a few questions.
    1. Can I include a "common" file to get user permissions on other non-vB powered pages? (Sorta like phpBB)
    2. Can I use custom hook placements in my non-vB powered pages and be able to administrate them through my AdminCP?
    3. Can I set-up custom Administrative permissions to home-made admin modules?
    4. Can I run the templates through a non-vB powered page? (ie The Header and the Footer)
    5. How easy is it to use the hook system to add functionality?
    With those questions I will know if I'm buying this product or sticking with my phpBB setup. Also is there anyway to change phpBB templates to vBulletin? Like an importer? I doubt it but still just wondering.

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    1, 4) You can create a page that includes the cookies, permissions, and header and footer of vBulletin as well as any other templates (including custom templates which are preserved from one version of vB to the next) that you can load on your custom page.

    2) Since you're writing your own PHP on these external pages, I'm not sure the benefit of Hooks. Hooks allow you to execute PHP code alongside vBulletin's existing PHP without editing files. But since you're already writing the PHP file from scratch...

    3) Absolutely. Extending the AdminCP was a major improvement in vBulletin 3.5.

    5) You can write from 1 to hundreds of lines of PHP code and hook it into 550 different places in the vBulletin code. The hardest part is learning all the variable names, classes to talk to the database, etc. which is reasonably well documented. There are also data managers so you can call a function to create a user, thread, post, private message, etc. without any need to talk directly to the database.

    phpBB templates are not compatible with vBulletin. I think you'll find that the template system and usage of CSS in vBulletin are robust enough to include and/or improve upon any style that exists on phpBB in less time.


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      4. Not that I know of, but you can easilly make your pages vBulletin powered. There are many good tutorials on that show you how.
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