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  • Skinning

    I am just wondering, the one thing I dont like about vB is the way the skin is set out. I was wondering, is there a way to give it a more IPB style look?

    I dont mean image wise, I mean the postion the maintitle is, and the addition of the darkrow2.

    I know it is badly explained, but if anybody knows how it would be greatly appreciated.

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    You mean with the differnt postbit? (which has been with our software since 1.0)

    Or somthing else?


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      You can modify vB via the template system. Here is the online documentation for styles and templates:
      Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
      Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

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        I had a look through there, but to be honest it didnt really make much sense to me. All I want really is to change the style off the skinning to match IPBs template, if thats possible I will be purchasing vB.

        For a prime example.
        Hope you understand.


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          You mean the seperated forumhome? No alterating row colors?
          All possible, most of the skinners/designers here have been doing that stuff since IPB was in its infant beta stage


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            I dont suppose you could link me to a tutorial?
            I am sure there is one in the guide, but I cant find it.

            And thanks for the quick response.

            (I want to try it out on a demo board.)


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              As far as a demo goes


              As far as tutorials, there are howto guides on how to do some of this stuff, and then there are not for others.

              If you understand html, or are at least willing to learn, you can make vB look however you'd like./


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                Originally posted by Zachery
                If you understand html, or are at least willing to learn, you can make vB look however you'd like./
                I totally agree! It's so easy that you can change it to whatever you want. However, but if you're lazy, then try this skin

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                  Difficult, I dont really have an amazing knowledge of Html, I can make text bold, links and thats about it.

                  I think I might just go for Invision Power Board instead, it seems easier, oh I dont know.

                  Thanks for responding so quickly, the support here is amazing.


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                    Your just showing me stockish layouts repolaced with some fancy graphics, its hard for me to tell you a specific example or specific set of instructions to get it done.

                    I can give you examples of whats been done.



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                      Thats how I mean.


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                        Thats vBulletin, and thats more than possible if your willing to invest the time or the money to change the layout.

                        If you just want the forums sperated, that easy, if you want the fany graphics, thats abit harder


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                          The graphics I can do, I dont suppose there is a small tutorial on how to set the actual forums like that?

                          I probarly missed it.

                          Sorry to be such a pain.


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                            Yes there is butI don't know forcertin if you have access to it.

                            Its here


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                              Sorry for the long reply, I only got round to skinning the demo today.
                              I have decided to go with either vBulletin or Invision Power Board, depending which I can skin better.

                              I have partly skinned vBullerin, I cant say it looks amazing right now, but I hope to improve it.

                              I have a few questions though as I am stuck.


                              How do I make the Table Footer a smaller area?

                              How do I add images to the side off the forums?


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