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Purchasing vBulletin, several questions

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  • Purchasing vBulletin, several questions

    I'm planning on acquiring a couple of vBulletin licenses, but before I actually do so, I have a couple of questions.

    On one of my sites, I want to integrate the forum more with the site itself. The main part of this is keeping users logged in regardless of where they happen to be in the site itself. Is this possible, or is there a way to do so easily? We have an experienced php coder with us, but is there any advice that could be given regarding that at all?

    This site will be migrating from phpBB 2.0.17, and the other from 2.0.18. Both have a fairly large number of mods added, will I want to remove the SQL mods from the database before I attempt to import, or will the ImpEx script take care of that by itself?

    Apart from that, I think that's all I have to ask about now.

    Looking forward to the vBulletin experience! I've wanted to do this for awhile now, I'm glad I can finally buy it. ^^

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    Yes, you can make a login system connect to your main site. There's a few mods/hacks/etc. at that, once a customer, you can download. Other than that, it's pretty easy to get a login from the main site for your forums.

    ImpEx just takes out member information, possibly attachments... looking for the exact information it takes out. Safe to say it ignores everything else that's not needed in vBulletin.

    EDIT: Looks like the list they had is deleted... odd. I can tell you the 2.0.17+ Import to vB 3.5 works. If you do run into any problems, Jerry can help you.
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      Sounds good to me, I'm wondering what's done with the redundant tables? Are they just left out of the imported database completely, or do I have to delete them myself? Database size isn't an issue right now, but I like to keep things organized so they don't become a problem in the future. I've got no problems with either way, I'm just wanting to know what I can expect going into this.

      Thanks for the response!


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        ImpEx imports what it needs; leaves everything else out, and therefore, untouched. So nothing is redundant (or shouldn't be) in the new vB database.

        Once you have everything imported and double check everything's fine, you can delete the old phpBB database/forum as it's not needed any more and save yourself room.

        Hope that answered your questions.
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          So far it all seems good, I already have some experience with vBulletin, (thanks to the admin demo, and membership on several vB forums), but if I have any other questions I'll be sure to ask!

          Thanks for the help!


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            Forgive my double post, but I had forgotten a question.

            On one of my forums, we're currently using a javascript-based sliding menu. I'd like to be able to use it after the conversion, also. This should be possible, right? Installing it on phpBB, I simply added the code to overall_header.tpl, but I don't know where to use it in vBulletin.

            The menu is on the left hand side.


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              Yes it is quite possible. However you're starting to enter into support related questions and unfortunately we can't help you there until you buy a license and post in the Support Forums
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                Alright then, I'll look around a bit after I get my license and ask if I need to then. ^^

                One more question, and then I'm done, I think. The webmistress of the second site says this is a key issue. It's ok if you don't say how, she just needs to know if it's possible and if it would be extraordinarily difficult or not.

                She's looking to do two things right now, first is if she wants to know if it's possible to make a theme apply to a whole site, and not just the forum. I'm figuring it is, but 'tis always best to be sure, right? Second is she wants to take apart a lot of the existing structure and integrate it into her site instead.
                Menus and such, she wants to include them in her site structure instead of within the forum itself. Legality is the issue I'm worried about there.

                Thanks for all the help so far, if I wasn't convinced long ago that vB was a good idea, you'd have done so. I'm impatient and I can't wait until I'm able to buy my licenses. ^^


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                  If you're planning on making a template/theme spread across an entire site, not just the forums, you'll have to custom code it yourself. You can get help with such requests at

                  Hm... for the second option, you can be "influenced" by design and such, but you cannot copy files, whole or in part, to other people, and they must be on one domain. You can custom code your own menus and such... I htink it'll be fine as long as it has nothing to do with the vBulletin files. Don't quote me on it, but I think that is right.
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                    Awesome. I'm planning to use it all on the same domain, so it shouldn't be an issue.

                    Everything's good on all fronts then, thanks for all your help! And you guys are just other admins like me, not even vB staff, at that. ^^ Thanks a bunch.


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