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Windows Vs Linux, Apache Vs IIS, MySQL

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  • Windows Vs Linux, Apache Vs IIS, MySQL


    I am doing some initial assessment and I am quite confused as to the setup required to implement the vBulletin forum.

    Basically, we would prefer to keep our local installation of Windows and publish to the server as required. This would mean the following set up:

    - Windows server (IIS)
    - MySQL
    - PHP


    1) I could not find any good hosts allowing this set up, it tends to be Linux, MySQL and PHP or Windows and ASP.Net or even PHP but with Access or Microsoft SQL Server databases in package.

    2) I am reluctant to run the hosting plan of Linux as there are several people working on development of the forum who are using Microsoft Windows and they will need to publish the work onto the hosting server - I am not sure about publishing to a linux server when your local set up is Windows.

    3) I am confused as to:
    a) What is the best setup - IIS or Apache on Windows?
    b) If we go with Linux hosting, can all aspects - incl. PHP, MySQL etc, be manipulated on the developers PC on Windows and then uploaded, some developers will be working on other software which is going to be very inconvenient for us if we install Linux.

    Apologies for lack of knowledge on this as I am more conversant with Windows Technologies and only after reviewing this forum software have been persuaded to look into this. We have a development team who can implement this but I want to make preliminary enquiries on this before proceeding so we are aware of the situation ourselves.

    Kind Regards,

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    Linux is the more stable platform and publishing is performed the same way on Windows and Linux. By FTP, you'll also find that various web services are more responsive on linux, notable Apache.

    You should try to avoid IIS at the moment since there appears to be various stability issues with PHP in the recent release.
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      Here you go for a host with not only MSSQL and Mysql on a Windows platform, also the best bandwidth available -- Internap.

      Check out the features for the shared host (you can inquire about VPS and dedicated too)...

      Hsphere hosts generally can run both *nix (in FH's case it's the more secure FreeBSD) and Windows.

      I've used FH and can attest they have great service too.

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        Many Thanks

        Many thanks for your response, much appreciated


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