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    I've had my vBulletin for a while now, but I was wondering one thing. A hosting package for a forum, for some reason I'm under another person's domain. And I'm like an extra link through his forum.

    His forum is and mine is

    I want to have my own forum website, and also he is the only person wh can install skins, uShops, Shoutboxes, anything like that. I want my own, can I possibly go by another hosting package for another price?

    I also pay him monthly for him to keep my site running. o_0
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    What's your question though?

    I don't get it...


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      I'm confused


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        You can move your vBulletin forum from any host account to any other host account. You can go to the admincp/ and click on 'backup database' and export the database. Then restore it on another account.

        You can get the files again from the members area.


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          My question is if I can switch my hosting package on my forum. And how I do it. That was my only question.


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            How do I get it to where I have MY OWN forum Url though? That was a question to be answered also. Like, me having my site as Instead of

            Sorry, double posted.


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              You will need hosting and a domain name.

              Name Cheap can set you up with a domain name. Site 5 can set you up with hosting.


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                go with a new host and choose the option to buy a new domain during registration. And see if "" is available to buy during regisration. If not you will have to choose an other domain name.


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                  And then you need to download your database (mysql) and reload it on the new server. That way you lose no posts etc.


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                    You will need to buy Vbulletin License and your own hosting to be able to do that the way you want it
                    @[email protected]


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                      Sounds like you want to divorce yourself from the person who is currently running your website. Tread lightly and be sure you have legal grounds to do what you are doing!


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                        Hello my fellowship friend. I'm the owner of .

                        Anyways, I know what you are trying to say, and you wish to have your own package including your own domain. Feel free to leave my package. I'm not holding you back at all. Note that, once you leave, I would need to remove my config.php from your forum because it contains my info in order for me to have your board up and running.

                        Shun Goku Satsu


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                          Some guy, PM'd me saying that he would host my forum for me. I would like this offer. Who ever he is, please post here. I forgot your name, and deleted the message by accident.

                          The person said he'd host my forum; if it was small, he'd let me do it for free, if it was large, he'd make me pay $10 a year.

                          Who ever PM'd me with that hosting package\deal, please post here. I would like to take you up on your offer.


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                            Seems to me that breaks the rules 'round I understand them...


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                              It was the same rule man. I didn't read the rules for hosting until you mentioned something about it.

                              Actually, the guy who PM'd me broke the rules here. I just didn't read them. =\


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