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    I am from India.. I am interested in buying a Vbulletin package!

    But the problem is i do not have a international credit card!

    what are the payment options available?

    My credit card is only valid in India and Nepal!

    And one more thing.. I am currently using Phpbb.. For importing the content from phpbb to vbulletin i need a software called Impex right? Is it available for free? Or am i charged for that too??

    Next, The latest version of Impex is not compatible with Vbulletin 3.5 Gold Am i right? If yes then what are my options?

    Lastly, will there be any offers like a discount (for the package) during the festive season (eg christmas and new year) ?

    Thanks in advance!
    Vbulletin is the best.. Planning to buy it soon :)

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    You can pay using various offline methods, including Wire Transfer or Check.

    ImpEx is free if you have a valid vBulletin license and is compatible with vBulletin 3.5.

    The price for vBulletin has stayed the same for about 5 years now, and I wouldn't expect any discounts. The only discounts available are if you buy multiple licenses at the same time.
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    Colin Frei

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      One of my friend (whom i know very well) is gonna buy the licence for me through his credit card..

      I will be paying him cash.. All that he will be doing is buying the licence for me.. Can he pay through his credit card but register the license in my name is that possible?

      And also its good to know that Impex free and compatible with Vbulletin 3.5 Gold.. My last question is will the attachments (its a mod installed on phpbb its not built in) be transferred too? I dont have too many attachments its only some 1000 attachments.. Is it possible?

      Thanks in advance
      Vbulletin is the best.. Planning to buy it soon :)


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        hey ash,

        Yes it is possible for your friend to buy your license and then transfer it to you, I would make sure he does it properly though (and it lists your name and email in the client area). If you know him well and visit him or something it might be an idea if he can register it, but you are there to put in your details when he purchases it (ie use your email etc, but use his ccard)

        As for impex im not too sure.. vB's main goal is to cover as many bases as possible, but as the attachments thingo is an addon it would be hard for them to code for it. Im not saying they dont have it (im not too sure tbh) but personally i wouldnt be getting my hopes up as to thinking it will bring them across.


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