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why Vbulletin?

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  • why Vbulletin?

    I have noticed that most of your top sites use Vbulletin. I'm in the proses of developing a number of sites. I'm currently using free software. Now I'm planing many sites and when you look at the price of vbulletin that can add up, but if there's a reason that the top sites are using vbulletin then I want in.
    They have some really good free forum software out there, Could some one tell me what makes vbulletin worth the cost. I'm not trying to be funny just want to get the best.
    Please help
    I know vbulletin is good but what sets it apart from the others.
    How is vbulletin with search engines and session id's. With the free stuff you have to play with the code. Is vbulletin different?
    Thank for your help.

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    As far as SEO goes, we've gone though improvements to ensure that we are as SEO'ed as possible with only the default install. Most major and well know spiders (Google / Yahoo / MSN) are not shown sessionids. And we also provide the archive feature to help with indexing content.

    If you haven't already try taking a look at our Admin Demo as well.

    Oh, and our support tends to be top notch, but I'll let the customers speak about that


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      Like you said, most top sites use vBulletin, so most likely that a regular Internet user is familiar with the interface. Familiar and easy to use interface can attract users. That was the reason why I picked vB over other other scripts. In addition to that, vB is has a clean interface, extremely flexible, and proven real world reliability. Oh, the support is awesome when you need it.

      PS, I'm wating for whitetigergrowl to post his opinion and claim it as fact. LOL
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        I'm not an expert with some of the open source packages out there, but vbulletin has some features that are very hard to live without once you become accustomed to them.

        Some specific items that I praise vb on over the competition would be:

        - Very robust template / css system

        - Phrasing system - I use it for alot of things, like my disclaimer. Its easier than having it in the template and I can use it in alot of places without having to make twenty didfferent edits!

        - Data cacheing... omg, you have no idea how good this is when you have a decent sized site!
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          Thanks so much for your replies. This is one of those questions that can sit idle for months because no one has any good replies or they don't want to stick their necks out. Be for me it's a very important question. Thanks again, hope I can get more replies because maybe there are things that can help us all.
          As I mentioned all the major sites seem to be using Vbulletin, I found them because they were in reach on all the major search engines.
          That in it's self says a forum full. lol
          One of the big points is that Vbulletin is search engine out of the box.
          I'm not a programmer so I don't even know if something is hindering the search engine's spidering.
          you would think all these free guys would have worked on that first. They all have fixes but if they didn't think to make that a priority, out of the box ready, where were their heads at.

          And you can bet that Google has the price of Vbulletin figured into their algos. They even have Vbulletin in their spell check. Not bad!
          Try spelling Vbulletin as Vbullentin.

          Thanks again


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            Because everybody else does?


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              vbulletin is the best


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                I use to you a heavily modded phpBB board and got fed up with doing updates every 2 mins, vbulletin out of the box has all the mods you will ever need!! and if you need any more you can install it using a simple plugin with no code edits its FANTASTIC i aint never leaving vbulletin

                Vbulletin is easier to administrate, amazing functions that are easy to use and generally the best forum software avaiable to date!!


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                  As many others have stated, vBulletin is simply the best forum/bulletin board software money can buy.
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                    Originally posted by Floris

                    Because everybody else does?
                    Lol, that's brillaint, I think vBulliten is the best forum software ever made also, the Tech Support is brillaint. Best I've ever seen!


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                      Originally posted by gonkowonko
                      I use to you a heavily modded phpBB board and got fed up with doing updates every 2 mins
                      I hated doing that for every mod that I wanted to install now is just a breeze

                      Well worth the money
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                        vB has a high learning curve for us non geeks. But I would not trade it for anything else out there. If it is worth owning, it is worth learning about.



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                          Haha, PhPBB is just piping In vision


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                            VB is good BB, but so hard to install, edit and text "powered by vbulletin"
                            G D
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                              vBulletin is awesome!

                              Once you get it, you'll never want to go back. It has many features, it promotes your site and it's easy to use.
                              vBulletin customer since February 27 2005!


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