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How exactly does the licensce transfers work ?

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    Can some Vbulletin Staff/Officials clear cusotmers doubts ?

    Waiting for reply from Vbulletin Staff for following doubts, will appreciate if customers doubts are cleared well in advance, got a pending question since last couple of days:

    1. From what i understand, if User A buys a vbulletin licensce and set as legal owner (Owned or leased licensce) and plans to transfer this licensce to any other person User B, User A has to initiate a request himself to Vbulletin for change of licensce transfer ?

    2. Once User A intiates this licensce transfer request, does User A receives licnesce transfer confirmation from Vbulletin, which specifies/gives complete details about this change of ownership process ?

    3. Can licensce authority get changed any way by licensce change request from any other user like User B ? or in other words if, User B knows any Vbulletin Staff Contacts much more better then User A ?
    *Important Question*

    4. Once the licensce ownership is changed on soul discretion of User A to User B.
    Who is setup as the legal owner of licensce for future ? and for how long ?

    thanks in advance.
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      In the future if you want to ask license questions, send them to [email protected].

      1. Yes, of course. Only the owner of a license can request it's transfer.

      2. User A is asked to provide info to very he is the legal owner of this license before we can proceed..

      3. No. See #1.

      4. Once the transfer is complete, User B is the legal owner afor the duration of that license. User A will have no access to that license anymore and cannot ask for the transfer to be rescinded.

      Here is what we tell all owners that want to transfer their licenses:

      Because of a large amount of fraud relating to license transfers, we have a policy regarding the transfer of vBulletin licenses. We regret if this causes a problem, but this is necessary to protect not only ourselves, but the purchasers of licenses who are victims of these scams.

      The policy states:
      Jelsoft may, in its discretion, allow you to transfer your license to another party, providing the license:
      - has not already been transferred in the previous 12 months; and
      - was purchased more than 3 months in the past.

      You can read this policy under the license agreement here:

      Before transferring the license, we will email the prospective new owner the details of the license. Once we receive confirmation from them, the license transfer will occur. They will be emailed with their new customer number and password.

      Also note that once a license is transferred, the transfer CANNOT be rescinded. Make absolutely sure you want to do this.
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        well then what's the deal with the chargeback thing?

        if a license is transferred from A->B and B is now the license holder, how can A "chargeback/return" the license to Jelsoft, negating the transfer?

        What if person B pays ahead for the next year's service agreement ($30)?

        Why isn't this addressed better?

        question answered:

        because credit card companies can pull back the charge up to 1 year after the original was paid; therefore, it could be cancelled up to one year later.
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