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vBulletin and security?

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  • vBulletin and security?

    I would like to know how I can secure my board once I have it installed? I know I have to get a good password and one thing that I do now is I rename ADMIN folder on my current Board. What else can I do to keep my board secure at all times?

    Thank YOU! Game Site!

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    Our passwords can't be decrypted, we use multiple md5 hashes and hash that up with a unique salt.

    We have a strike system so people can't brute force passwords (unless they guess it within 5 times).

    We allow admins to be setup as 'undeletable' in the config file, so when someone does guess a password he can't just takeover the admin account or change the pass to it or delete it.

    Per config file it is possible to change the directories of the admincp and modcp, so they're not default.

    vBulletin admincp & modcp work with .htaccess password protection.

    And we have security as a priority while coding our software.


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      I found this before I read your reply Game Site!


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        There's also some articles at theadminzone you should read up on about securing your site.
        Plan, Do, Check, Act!


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          Thank you for your recent purchase


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            vBulletin is very secure. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though. There have been times when rather severe security vulnerabilites have been discovered, but generally, new versions to fix those flaws are released within 24 hours. And the great part is they are available to all customers, even those who no longer have download access.