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    Dear whoever,

    I'm Lodyx and I <unusefull information here>, but the one thing that iritates the **** out of me, is that there is no egosearch in vBulletin. I know that one can do a Find all posts by Lodyx but that works like ****. I and many people with me would very much aprecciate it if there would be a simple and yet effective egosearch functionallity, like the one in phpBB2, altough that misses the link to your last post in a topic, but that's no real problem.

    Please build in an egosearch! Thank you very much

    Oh, and why is the QuickReply box disabled untill you click one of those clickheretoquickreply-links which are in every post?

    - Lodyx

    PS: This probably isn't the right forum, but I didn' really know where else to post this so .. move as u like

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    What in the world is egosearch?

    The quick reply acts this way to preserve the the "threaded view" hierarchy. I don't like it nad disabled it since I dont use threaded view on my site.
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      Egosearch, is a listing of the topics you've replied in. Go see any phpBB(2) forum, and look at the top, just above all the forums, but under the PM/Help/Login/etc links, for 'View your posts'. Click and see


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        Use the thread subscription with no email notification to keep track of threads you've replied to.


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          Yeah that's nice, but that's 4 extra clicks for every topic. May sound like not-much, but try answering 50 posts a day that way...

          But I found that search-->username-->'lodyx' works the same as the phpBB egosearch, well, pretty much anyway.

          Proper egosearch functionallity would still be widely appreciated though (how do you say that anyway? tough=hard, but I mean dooo, AS IN it wasn't me dooo' ...?)


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            It's possible, there is just no direct link to it.
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              a) Quick Links from top menu > My Profile > Threads started by .. and posts started by ...

              b) UserCP from top menu > View all subscriptions

              c) Search Advanced from top menu > Search for threads, (empty), by username: yours

              There are multiple ways to achieve this. Even if the link you want isn't default in vB, it is easy to add by updating one template.

              Thank you for your interest in the vBulletin forum software and we're looking forward to your purchase.


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