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  • A Few Questions!

    Dear friends...

    I am a boob to vB as I have been using PHPbb and IPB. But this time I want to go higher and be secure in all the ways possible for my forums and for the community that I plan to run. I want to do everything right from the starting so that my place doesnt gets slow as the traffic grows. Plz help me in making a right decision as its always better to ask before i plunge into something that I dont know about. Basically my forums are for P2P File Sharing namely BitTorrents, ED2K, Ares & BrTurbo Downloads. So here it goes:

    I want to have a VB forum. But i cannot make up my mind whether i should be using a leased licesnce or an Owned Lic. At the very moment, i cannot afford an owned lic. But if i choose a leased lic, will there be any limitation on accessing the files and stuff like that. But i am sure that within 3 months I will be getting a full VB Lic. So plz help me out here..

    I have inquired with many hosting companies, but they dont allow a Torrent Tracker to run on their servers as it might drink all of ther bandwidth and they advice me to get a dedicated server of which I dont know a thing. Plz advice a hosting solution which is not hosted in the USA and the one that is reliable and cheap. So I am looking for a place where I can good bandwidth at cheaper rates. But as the place will grow, so will my requirements. Any thoughtfull advice on this is welcome.

    Stuff that I plan to put:
    I will having a
    • Torrent Tracker
    • An Image Gallery where users can upload images
    • A Blog/Journal where users can add their blog/journal
    • An Arcade
    • A chat room (Not planning for an IRC chat at the moment)
    • ED2K Link generator
    • Ares
    • A Radio Station (most probably an already online radio station with plenty of channels from where the user can listen to the music or a talkshow of their choice)

    This is all at the moment, but I will be adding some new stuff as the need grows. You advice is highly a requirement for me as you all are THE MASTERS.

    Thanx n Regards...


    PS: My MSN is [email protected]

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    Dude torrent tracker can be obtained from, torrent trader is open source now . For hosting and stuff check


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      Jelsoft could raise a stink about the ED2K and BitTorrent stuff. This other thread screeched to a halt.


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        No offense to the original poster, but your site sounds like it inhabits a legal grey area...eDonkey is useful for file transfers but because so many people use it for pirating, any other usefulness it has is gone. People assume eDonkey = software piracy, which is a good guess based on what it is actually used for.


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          Thankyou all very much for the replies.

          @technoguy: The link you provided me for hosting was very usefull and it gave me alota insight into the things for webhosting. I really appreciate your help..

          @feldon23: It was a usefull thread for me. So does it means that if I place ED2K or Torrent Links in the vBulletin that i will purchase... the vB ppl can take away everything without the refund.???

          @Sovereign: All i want is a file sharing community where ppl can trade links for different P2P protocols. Also, i will not be hosting this stuff where its not allowed by the Authorities or the hosting service.

          Anyways guyz... it was very usefull to know your thoughts and I really appreciate your replies. Looking forward to a more constructive discussions with you all....

          Thanx n Regards...



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            Dude i myself know atleast 10-20 sites running vbulletin with torrents from yrs, I doubt if vB would really bother to close all of them


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