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    We currently have a Lyris Listserver with approx. 300 members. We are a closed membership group dealing with software issues for a professional embroidery design software.

    Our current Setup offers email threads where people receive an email, hit reply to send their response. People really like this method because they don't have to go to a site to see if there are new posts.

    I have the following questions...

    1. Can email notification be provided BOTH instantly and in a digest mode?

    2. Email attachments show in the post but will they also show in the notification?

    3. Sometimes we will post an educational video in the form of an animated gif that plays as part of the email. Example, someone asks a question and the answer is in the form of the animated gif.

    4. Can someone remain part of an overall forum but unsubscribe themselves from a particular thread that is going on?

    5. Can member information such as total number of members be hidden from display?

    6. Since we are a closed group, is there a setting to prevent anyone other than the administrator from subscribing people?

    7. Do you offer hosting?

    8. I have two separate closed groups. Is it possible to have different forums without one group knowing of the others existence?

    9. Can an image appear in the body rather than a link.

    Since our group is growing, we are facing a few problems. The first is that since everything is through one email system, when someone posts "off topic", others are getting annoyed because they don't want to deal with it. The other issue is that our searching archives are not very sophisticated.

    I realize this is a long post but with 300 paid members, I would hate to change formats and have everyone upset. I appreciate any responses.

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    Hope this gets you off to a good start. Maybe a vb staff or other wordly member can fill in where I left off

    1. Yes, its a user specified choice

    2. I dont believe attachments show


    4. Yes

    5. Yes, its just a variable in a template - you could remove it.

    6. You can approve registrations or just simply turn reg off and add new users via the admincp. ({mpex (the import system) also imports users via a csv file}

    7. No, but check out the hosting forum for some good suggestions on where to go.

    8. The VB usergroups and permissions system can do this. (alot of us have private 'staff only' forums to discuss things that we dont want members to see)

    9. In the body of the post on the board? Yes it can.

    a) You can setup multiple catagories nad multiple forums and choose who gets to see what. You could set up one off topic forum for everyone, or have an off topic forum for each of your groups.

    b) Vb has a pretty good internal searching system. You can try it out here on the forum if you like.
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