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Why should i choose VB over IPB?

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    No joke. Why is that everytime someone compares IPB to vB, whitetigergrowl shows up and argues for IPB? You are on a vB website, of course most of the people here are going to argue for vB.

    If you want an answer that is less biased, go to somewhere else like or another site like it and ask.



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      White, I took the liberty to checkout some of your posts:


      a. That is about piracy not ****ting your customers who gave perfectly legitimate feedback but company banned them because they did not like their feedback.
      b. In that thread Keith, IPB technician, did in-fact jump in and ****ted the customer.
      c. I will take it that it is correct or IPB WOULD NOT HAVE refunded him the money.

      2. Do I see you defending vB on IPB boards with even 1% ferocity as you defend IPB here. It sometimes gives me a feeling that your are Paid Mole of IPB on vBulletin site.

      Dude honestly, this is vB site. If all that you are here to do is to express how much you love IPB and have religiously gone to bed with it for the whole of your life without ever being dishonest to it then this is not the place for you!

      All that I see in your posts is you trying to prove that vB is nothing innovative and isn't anything compared to IPB. Seriously, I am sick of it. No one is forcing you to do so on third-party sites and keep fighting with 12-Y-O phpBB and IF fanatics. But dude, this is vB site. So yes, what you are doing is Trolling.

      I am already thankful that there is a feature called ignore user. Well, ‘nuff of ranting. I have better things to do than keep fighting with someone like you who uhm. seems like a Paid IPB Plugster.


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        Wow White, your confessions here : say more than what I want to say

        . Guess what? I sent one out about 24 hours ago to reset my license # and have yet to recieve anything. IMO people shouldnt have to keep sending them out to get one response. I understand there are some changes in place or coming. But is it enough?
        Another person there says :

        24 hours is not that long some compines can take weeks inorder to get support (yes thats paid) espilty if its a new problem.
        Guess what? No vB customer has to give excuses like these.

        Another of your confession :

        Right now I have about 300 members online. And if for some reason my site went down and I had to wait 24-48 hours to get a response especially on busy weekends....not only would I be p*ssed, I would most likely take my business elsewhere. To someone that CAN help in a timely manner. When someone pays close to $200 for a board things like support are of utmost importance...they shouldn't have to wait all weekend for someone to answer...if they ever decide to.
        Cool. Thanks for making me not explain this point in better words.

        Also let me point out mis-information being spread by our competitor (someone remembers how Coke and Pepsi employees were not allowed to even name the other company in their campuses? )

        Based on the number of conversions we get from the competition, I'd say there's more to the 13 minute response time than meets the eye. original.gif We could easily throw up an auto-responder and publish on our site "Average response time: 30 seconds." Truth be told, our average response time (genuine response time) is less than two hours -- in looking at your account, this has been your experience overall as well. It's also worth mentioning that while our US office is not open on Sundays, there are still technicians working throughout the weekend, so an actual support request rarely sits for 24 hours, apart from the requests that require senior level tech attention.
        Do tell that lady that the response time that vB points out is that of real-humans. Not that of autoresponders. Okay?


        This is actually why we don't allow specific issues being addressed on the forums - it presents a skewed view of our support.
        Oh wow! the planned and systematic cover-up

        Also from the same thread :

        Originally posted by StudioX
        I can also confirm that we have a long standing topic about the IPB Support issues at our own forum and you are certainly not alone, going by the views of our own Members.

        What concerns me mostly is the quite obvious concentration of shipping out products while the support is so obviously lacking. (Perceived or otherwise.)

        I can't help but think it should be the other way around. Is the old issue of products make money but support doesn't at play here? Honestly, believe me, I'm not poking anyone here. I wouldn't want the task of supporting such a large userbase but something has to give, sooner or later.

        For the record, I'd class the support I've had to date as satisfactory. Not great, not bad, but satisfactory.
        I rest my case. Thanks


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          I think it is about time this thread was locked.


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            Originally posted by Jeramy
            I think it is about time this thread was locked.


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              I was an Ivisionboard user up to 2.0, and honestly.. vb 3.0 was much better.

              I was even using Ikonboard (perl) back when Matt was programming for it rather than IPB...
              vb blows away IPB. Take it from just my experience alone.

              If a relative or best friend worked for IPB or something- I would probably use it, simply out of obligation and closeness- (plus it's the second best)-

              But if you're going to pay for a board, do yourself a favor and buy vBulletin.

              And pay for a board. Because phpBB and the other free ones right now are lame in comparison.
              So basically just- these topics are lame.. just get vb and take a chill pill.


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                Interesting read, but there is no place for this thread to go but down.
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