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  • Just a Couple Questions...

    Hi, I'm new here. :P Anyways, I'm really interested in buying a license for a VB forum but I just have a couple questions that I'd like ot have answered before doing so.

    1. Leased & Owned Licenses - I notice that there are 2 different kinds of licenses: leased and owned. I know the difference between them but I was just wondering if I purchased the leased license first as a sort of trial, and perhaps a month or 2 later I bought an owned license, would I have to pay the entire $160? Or would I just pay the remaining portion to make up $160?

    If that doesn't make sense I'll try and say it a bit better, it's difficult to explain.

    2. Adjusting - Right now I have an invisionfree board. My members seem to be happy with it and it's almost been up for a year. I just want my own forum on my server, but I've heard some things about Invision that have made me somewhat turn away from them. VB seems so much more stable and secure, and the support staff seem much more friendly and helpful.

    My question would be: is it going to be easy for them to get used to a VB forum after using an IF forum for so long? I just want my members to be happy.

    3. Resources - My site is running on a VPS with 256MB of RAM (1GB Burstable), 150GB of bandwidth and 10GB of space. My forum can have anywhere from 30-120 users on at time with an average of around 60. Is my server going to be able to handle it, or am I going to have to upgrade it?

    I think that's about all I'd like to know for now. :P Sorry if they seem stupid or if people have asked them before, I'd just like to know exactly what I'm buying before I actually buy it. Thanks!

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    In regards to the licensing, I'm pretty sure you may upgrade from a leased to an owned license within 60 days, and pay only another $85. Remember that there is a live hosted demo right on, so you could use that as a test board first, then decide if you want to get the owned license from the get go. Even with the difference in price, the owned license is still cheaper, since if you upgrade, you have to pay the $85 twice over, which basically means there's a $10 fee for upgrading.
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      As far as upgrading, its 30 days. After that it will be the full 160 dollars.

      I don't think there will be too much trouble, besides a few people who just always hate change I'd suggest installing it, giving yourself time to get used to it, and then letting your members have at it on the new board. Before you import.

      40-60 users online (assuming all are real users consistantly) is about the limits for shared hosting. I think you should be fine, altho I myself have never worked in a VPS enviorment for my own sites.


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