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    I am looking at purchasing vbulletin, and I have a couple of questions before I do. As well, MODS are a solution to the questions below, i just noticed I can't seem to find a database of all of the MODS for vbulletin.

    1) How easy is it to change the template of the forum (ie, is their just one index file that will change the basic layout of everything?) I have a custom template that I wish to use with it, and a easy conversion would be nice.

    2) User registration questions. Can I change what questions are asked and stored in the database when the user registers.

    3) Logged in on pages that are not vbulletin pages i.e. custom pages and being able to distinguish between a user logged in and logged out and their user level (admin, user, guest etc)

    4) To go along with 3, ability to show specific forum topics on any page

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    1. There are over 100 templates that are called to display different parts of the forum. They are all stored in the database and you use the Template Editor to display them. Templates are a breeze to customize (if you know HTML). They contain HTML with variables and some logic code mixed in.

    2. You can create User Profile Fields which can be filled out upon registration.

    3. This is fairly easy to do as long as that page does not have cookies of its own.

    4. There are several solutions to this including Javascript, XML, RSS, and installing add-on scripts like vBAdvanced.


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      First off, you can find the official modification community at

      To your questions:
      1. vBulletin has a big template system that allows you to change everything. You'll find that pages aren't available as a single template though, but are split up into different templates. It shouldn't get you too long to get used to that though.
      2. Yes. Except for the main fields you can set what is and what isn't asked for at registration.
      3. Yes, if they are php files. Just include the global.php file at the top and you can easily use the session made in vBulletin, which has all the user data stored in it.
      4. You can use external.php to display the last few threads using a JavaScript, XML or RSS feed. If you want to display special threads you'd have to pull those from the database with a special script though.

      edit: wrote this and then my internet connection broke together. Posting it anyhow
      Best Regards
      Colin Frei

      Please don't contact me per PM.


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        Happy for you.


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