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Total Newbie with a Maybe Dumb Question

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  • Total Newbie with a Maybe Dumb Question

    I represent a group of users presently using an independently owned and administered vBulletin medical community.

    We would like to begin our own community, but we WANT vBulletin

    We want to "run our own", of course, but while we are trying to find those of us with any talent for this, we would PREFER to find a Pay-Site (yes, we are willing to PAY) where we would only be involved with PART of all this.

    In other words, we aren't ready (and may never be ready) to download software, install and all the rest. We are just patients and not particularly geeky.

    So, I hope it is now clear that what I am asking is ---

    Can we GET vBulletin hosting for our group without having to do the whole thing ourselves? Does anyone host paying groups, but use THIS (vBulletin) software?

    And .... if the answer is no....

    Would it be out of line for me to ask if there is any other "near match"? If so, where should we go looking?

    I apologize if this is a super big blunder on my part. I see so many locked theads and I am hoping to get a response before I get banned or something!

    Thanks for anything at all, guys.

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    Hello Cricket,

    Thank you for your interest in the vBulletin forum software and for contacting vBulletin sales.

    Currently we do not offer a hosting solution for vBulletin, we only make and sell the forum software.

    You have to find a hosting provider yourself.

    That said, you can purchase our forum software and you can optionally purchase our professional installation service. The installation service will install the forum software on your hosting account so you can start using it immediatly without having to set it up or install it yourself.

    The forum software costs $85 for the leased license (12 months), and $160 for the owned license (unlimited months).

    The installation service costs $135.

    We're looking forward to your purchase. And please let me know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,


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      An ANSWER!!!

      Thank you, Floris, for responding. Now I have a "sales contact"

      Okay, so the answer to the first is "no such thing"

      And the next answer is "we can help"

      So, $160 to purchase the software usage license.

      And $135 for installation and initital set-up.

      I have noticed (SOMEWHERE HERE) where a couple of hosting companies were mentioned that are capable of supporting this vBulletin. One was "orange something", and I don't remember the other.

      Is there someone who can hold our hand and help us find what we are looking for? What questions do we need to ask? What do we need to know?

      This is a small group -- less than a hundred, maybe 200, by the end of the year. We need a little image hosting, and the traffic shouldn't be too bad. We are going for community quality and good moderation, not "growth at any cost".

      Any answers for me? Let me know if I have to take these questions elsewhere or backchannel.

      Thank you.


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        I think what you're looking for is a shared hosting solution with a hosting provider that offers linux hosting, with PHP and 1 MySQL database and up to 10GB traffic per month. This will do just fine. a small orange .com will provide such accounts if I understand their sales pages correctly. And yes, others are also discussed on our web site.


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          It's worth taking the plunge. I bought into the FUD spread by EZBoard that installing and running your own forum and dealing with your own web hosting was somehow difficult or time-consuming. But it's really not like that. You could be up and running in less than an hour with the right resources in-hand.


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            Hi, Feldon .....

            Had to look up "fud" - - and saw what you mean.

            Anyway, the user's support forum at the small orange have led me to believe what you are saying -- and there are senior members happy to lend a hand and advice.

            Right now I am sounding out the future members. Thanks to all !


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              Three hosts who will definitely provide low cost, high quality shared hosting for vBulletin sites:

              TN3 Productions
              A Small Orange

              You won't go far wrong with any of those.
              MARK.B | vBULLETIN SUPPORT

              TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.4 Demo
              AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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