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    Alrighty I'm not a forum board newbie I've hacked vB (mods ect.) in the past for gaming clans. I like the forum board software quite a bit and thinking of buying a copy for myself. Few questions though before I make the purchase.
    1. With an owned copy do we have access to the member panel forever?
    2. If we buy the 80$ liscense can we upgrade to owned for another 80$?
    3. If I purchase it now, do you think my 1 year liscense will get me to vB4?
    4. Is there any extras in the members area? DevPacks ect.
    5. Does Jelsoft deal in hosting also? (My main question)
    6. How is the tech support? Is it speedy? Like I saw the average time is that for phone calls or for trouble tickets? ect.
    Thank you anyone who can answer these questions fully.

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    1. Yes, but you wont be able to download the software after a year. You'll then have to renew your member access for a year, if you desire to download vB again.
    2. Yes, within 30 days after purchasing.
    3. That question should be answered by an developer...
    4. You'll find ImpEx there. Don't know about any Devpacks.
    5. Not, that I know of.
    6. As far as I know of, yes it is speedy.


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      Thank you for your speedy and full answer but one more question lol.
      After the year of my liscense it expires but will I still be able to download the last version of vB I had access to or will I have to pay 30$ to download it again? Like lets say I buy it now and its next year and vB3.6 is out and my liscense expires and the last version I could have downloaded was vB3.6 will I still be able to download it again?


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        1. Yes, you will always have access to the members area, for support, even with a leased license you can go in, and renew it. Regarldess of its state (assuming it has only expired)
        2. You can upgrade, within 30 days, for another 85 USD.
        3. Depends, if vB4 is out by then, seeing as 3.5 isn't even out yet, 4.0 is aways off.
        4. There is impex, which is an importer tool, there are also GDK's for graphics.
        5. No, we(jelsoft) do not provide hosting, however there are lots of reputable hosts.
        6. Fast The average time on the homepage is over the last 30 trouble tickets.
        7. Due to recent changes, you will be able to download any versions after that you had access to while your download access was good for under an owned license.


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          Owned license = $160 + $30/yr
          Leased license = $85/yr

          Access to the Member's Area after 1~5 years:
          Owned: $160, $190, $220, $250, $280
          Leased: $85, $170, $255, $340, $425


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            FYI: An owned vB license is $160, not $185.
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              Originally posted by feldon23
              Owned license = $160 + $30/yr
              Leased license = $85/yr

              Access to the Member's Area after 1~5 years:
              Owned: $160, $190, $220, $250, $280
              Leased: $85, $170, $255, $340, $425
              Don't forget though, you are not required to pay the 30 dollars each addtional year, I know people who have gone months, and some years, without renewing.


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                Thanks Alot

                Well thank you for your help and support I've come to the conclusion of what I'm going to do. I'm gonna create a site for ranking and helping clans with images and what not, kind of like a clan resource center. Im ordering hosting from I will be buying a vB liscense (owned). I will also be ordering support as I'm gonna be tweaking it to no other lol so yea thank you for all your help and you've guided my decision.

                Thank you all,
                Steve Miller


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